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10 of the best Pearl Jam songs

  • By Art. Author Avatar
  • 7 April 2013

Reading Festival ’06 - an endurance test for mind, body, and ear. On the Sunday I spent twelve hours crushed against the rail by Slayer fans, ducking bottles full of piss aimed at My Chemical Romance, and holding shards of smashed Placebo guitars. ‘Why’, you ask? Well, waiting in the wings were Pearl Jam for their headline slot, and if you can’t stick around for that, what can you wait for? I’ve seen them on about seven occasions now (the first being the Astoria, rest its soul), but that Reading performance was the 2nd time. I’m not too sure why that show sticks in my head so clearly, but being young and hearing their complete humility coupled with an intelligence and aggression just epitomised what I needed from a band.

I’d say that I fell in love with Ten and Riot Act at the same time, which was around the latter’s ’02 release. It was an important period of my musical edification; that early-teen moment when you’ve listened to enough 60s/70s stuff and ducked enough dum-rock and mainstream punches to realise that you might make it through with your musical dignity intact.

The band means something different to me now, I still love them, but it’s different. I’m sure you understand what I mean. So like a Hail Mary, it’s important for me to whip out my rosary when I can and sing my way through my favourite pearls. Here are ten of my favourite Pearl Jam songs:

Don’t Gimme No Lip... (Calm down! I’m joking.)

Hail Hail -
Album: No Code
Year: 1996

Album: Lost Dogs
Year: 2003

Even Flow
Album: Ten
Year: 1991

Soon Forget
Album: Binaural
Year: 2000

Album: Binaural
Year: 2000

Album: Yield
Year: 1998

Not For You
Album: Vitalogy
Year: 1994


Love Boat Captain
Album: Riot Act
Year: 2002


Yellow Ledbetter
Album: Lost Dogs
Year: 2003


Off He Goes
Album: No Code
Year: 1996