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10 of the best logos for Disney to ‘pay homage to’

  • By MisterCharlie Author Avatar
  • 27 January 2012

Now Disney have revealed their love for suicidal post punk music, with their stunning, totally unauthorised rendition of Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasure’s cover sculpted into the shape of the Mickey Mouse logo and slapped on a $25 t shirt, I‘m ready to step in. I’ve got bundles of ideas on ‘edgy’ shit that Disney can plunder/ pay homage to with a blatant disregard to copyright, taste, decency or appropriateness-in-relation to a kids cartoon, and I’ve got some basic photoshop skills. Hey Presto! Watch the bucks come rolling in! You owe me big for this Walt.

Dead Kennedies Mickey. Simple, yet somehow perfect.

mickey dead kennedies.jpg

NWA Mickey.  Doesn’t Ice Cube star in Disney films now anyway? You probably own this one already guys.

mickey nwa.jpg


Tom Mickey. Copyright Shmopyright.


mickey jerry.jpg


Slipknot Mickey. A bit like a less sexually deviant version of the Mousekateers

mickey slipknott.jpg


Rob Smith in Lullaby Mickey. Lullaby terrified millions of children when it aired on Top of the Pops. Kids couldn’t sleep for weeks, haunted by the grim visage of Rob Smith singing about being eaten alive by ‘shivering holes’ and the ‘spiderman.’ Let’s stick him on a T shirt !

rmickey rob smith.jpg


Glitter Mickey. Actually, maybe not.

mickey glitter.jpg




Alien Mickey. A tiny willy with teeth bursting through Mickey’s skull. Love this!


mickey alien.jpg

Crass Mickey. Similar to Dead Kennedies, I know. But I’m pretty sure anarcho punk squat communists Crass would love to see this as much as the next man.


mickey crass.jpg


Jason Vorhees Pinhead Chucky Mickey. 3 of the best guys on film together as one! And they look supercute!

mickey jason pinhead chucky.jpg


Kim Jong-il Mickey. Gone but not forgotten.

mickey kim jong il.jpg