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10 of the best things to look forward to in 2012

  • By MisterCharlie Author Avatar
  • 6 January 2012


Well helllllooooooooooo TwentyTwelve....

Assuming that the year doesn’t end with in a non-stop Mayan funfest of boiling seas, prowling devils, a wrathful Christ descending with a double forked tongue, and the destruction of all mankind (and that’s a big assumption. Just ask Jay Sean), there’s a bunch of things that we at SupaJam are eagerly looking forward to over the next dozen months. Here we’re going to run down our picks of the good stuff coming up, from the finest of festivals, to some long awaited films, a clutch of rabble rousing musical upstarts, and the return of some old favourites, it’s one week in, and already we get the feeling this year’s gonna be a good ‘un—


Hop Farm Festival

This branding-free boutique shindig has become something of an annual event for us. We’ve already sorted out one band to play (the fantastic folk quartet Maia, who we’re also looking forward to big things from in 2012...) and we’re just entering the last days of our search for a singer/ songwriter to play the festival. Whoever wins is gonna be sharing the line up with some serious talent... Last year Prince headlined and enthralled everyone-- the words LIVING LEGEND really can’t be applied to too many men, but the purple one wears the accolade like a set of gleaming pearls. We’re taut with anticipation to see who’s gonna be headlining this time round,  the rumours are flying thick and fast, and whoever it is, is gonna be BIG. 

Hop Farm runs June 29th - July 1st



OK, so tickets to The Stone Roses Manchester gigs sold out faster than a spinning Hydron Collider, and you didn’t get one. Join the club. Now think a moment. Do you want to see the Roses in the pissing rain, drinking over priced beer, then scrabble onto a packed, stinking train back home afterwards? Or, instead, do you want to see them in the glorious balmy evening at one of the world’s greatest festivals, bookended either side by a host of the worlds greatest acts...?

 Yep the Roses are headlining Benicassim 2012, and we’ve got our sun lotion packed. The festival is renowned for having the best atmosphere, the best line ups and a beautiful location. As a veteran of a squllion Glastonbury mud fests, I for one am relishing the total absence of the phrase ‘trench foot’ at a festival. We’ve also got a space for a lucky band to play the main stage. If you fancy that (and who wouldn’t eh?) then get uploading your music to our fast track competition HERE

Benacassim runs July 12th - 15th


Strawberry Fields

Strawberry Fields was one of our favourite festivals last year, and after we’d spent a few days of sun kissed mayhem on the beautiful Leicestershire site, we knew this year we had to get involved. And viola! Check out our current Fast Track competition to the festival, where we’re offering you the chance to grab an amazing gig, it’s one of the UKs fastest rising festivals, catch it while the vibe is still perfect!

Strawberry Fields runs August 10th - 12th



The Dictator

What’s that you say? Sacha Baron Cohen reuniting with the director of Borat and Bruno to make a film loosely based on a book written by Saddam Hussein? I don’t even need to wish that sentence was true: it just is. Coming some time in May....


Batman – The Dark Knight Rises

I’m probably the only person in the world who thought The Dark Knight was cack. Sorry everyone, but here’s the facts 1) It went on forever. 2) It took itself waaay to seriously for a film about a man wearing a latex willy shield 3) Heath Ledger will never, ever be as good as the Joker as Jack Nicholson.  Controversial I know, but that’s just what I think. My money’s on this instalment being another grinding, humourless 3 hour festival of tedium. But you know what? I’m still gonna watch it. Jokes on me.



It seems like every ‘event’ film from Hollywood in 2012 will be entirely constituted of hobbits, superheroes, vampires, witches or aliens. It’s like being lost in the mind of a 7 year old Satanist with a CGI fetish. Still, if you can’t beat em... Enter Prometheus, Ridley Scott’s long awaited return to sci-fi. Apparently it’s not a prequel to Alien but has- in language similar to a bizarre Jeremy Kyle paternity test- ‘the DNA of the film Alien’. Whatevs, the trailer looks amazing, the design looks amazing, and everyone should go and see this so he makes part two.



Lana Del Rey album

OK, admit it- Video Games is a modern classic. However, it’s more the sniggering certainty that this album just isn’t going to be that good that keeps you hooked on waiting for its release. Del Rey managed to stir up so many reactions from internet ‘experts’ last year, both positive and negative, that it seems almost impossible that one small woman and her collagen packed lips can support the weight of expectation.  If she pulls it off, then Lizzy Grant is made forever. If she doesn’t pffff, who cares, daddy’s a millionaire....

Busta Rhymes album on Young Money

Since Busta rampaged all over Chris Brown’s Look At Me Now- spawning a million youtube wannabes trying to rap quicker than Bussa Bus, and making one of the songs of the year in the process – the rap veteran has defiantly reclaimed his mojo. Next step, sign to Lil Wayne’s Cash Money label, alongside fellow biggest dawgs in rap right now Drake and Nicki Minaj. Now he’s got the album ready to drop, and all the indicators are that it will demolish hip hop. Busta is often under rated, despite having been churning out hits since before Kanye bought his first back pack. His last album Back On My BS didn’t really deliver and it’s high time the world got another instalment on Busta’s finest.

Bloc Party return

After pretty much confirming they’d split, Kele Okereke and the rest of Bloc Party caused a minor internet ruckus last week by announcing the whole thing was, like, a big misunderstanding, and they loved each other really. Since then they’ve revealed that they’ve been back in the studio recording furiously, and from the description Kele has given the press, things sound promising—apparently the songs are lean, guitar driven, and ‘unlike any other music being made right now’. Big claims, and they have a big fanbase waiting to see if they can back them up.  No release date has been put on the album yet, but fingers crossed it’s going to blow us all away...


So that's ours - what are yours?