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10 of the weirdest deaths in music

  • By MisterCharlie Author Avatar
  • 7 March 2013


It’s Christmas! Well, no it isn’t, it’s not even close. I was going to knock together the annual Christmas themed “10 of the Best”, then realised that I was 2 months too late. Must start getting out of bed earlier.

Anyway, in the spirit of it not being anywhere near Christmas, this weeks 10 of the best is about DEATH. As everyone knows, there’s been enough stars popping their clogs early in the service of rock n roll to fill St Peters choir 5 times, but while most have bowed out in a traditional drug frenzy and/or suicidal style, there remains an elite handful who’ve really pushed the boat out, and passed in a damn weird way. Rogue bales of hay, faulty lifts, bizarre wanking techniques, and ham sandwiches, they can all be lethal if the stars are aligned, as these 10 poor sods found out to their misfortune…

Jerry Fuchs

Jerry Fuchs was the drummer with noughties NYC indie outfit !!! (that’s chk-chk-chk to you and me. Or sometimes pow-pow-pow. They couldn’t decide.), later going on to perform with other North America alternative electronic types MSTRKRFT and LCD Soundsystem. He’s pretty much the main man for that kinda ‘drum machine played by a human sound’ that put DFA Records on the map. In 2009 Fuchs found himself stuck in a broken lift in Williamsburg, and being a dare devil kinda guy, tried to jump out, ballsed it up, and tragically plunged down the lift shaft to his death. The moral? Cowards live.


Terry Kath

There’s been a fair few rock n roll suicides, but none as weird as Terry Kath’s accidental one. By the late 70s, the founding member of Chicago had a set of raging addictions, and was a fiend for booze and coke.  On January 28th 1978, whilst hanging out with roadie Don Johnson, Kath started messing around with an unloaded revolver, repeatedly putting it to his head and pulling the trigger (yeah, we know, hilarious…). Johnson warned Kath to be careful (and possibly to stop being a dick), and Kath responded with the immortal line, ‘Don’t worry – it’s not loaded!,’ showed Johnson the empty magazine, put the gun back to his head, and blew his brains out. There had been a single round in the gun, and unsurprisingly Kath died instantly.

GG Allin

GG Allin was a maniac who didn’t give a fuck. His music is basically unlistenable and sounds like it was recorded in a sewer made of felt, but that hasn’t stopped him (and maybe even helped a little) becoming a cult hero. His death of a heroin overdose is made weird by the fact that the moments  leading up to the OD are documented and available to watch on Youtube. Allin had been playing a typically insane live show in New York’s Gas Station club – attacking the audience, smacking people in the face with his microphone, KOing a photographer with his own camera, pooping on stage, then rubbing the crap on himself and a women in the audience (I’m reliably informed that this is all fairly similar to a 1D show). When the killjoy soundman pulled the plug two songs in (booo!), Allin went bowling out into the street causing a mini riot as he went. He scored some heroin, went to a friends apartment and overdosed. His fellow punks were too nuts to realise he was dying, and instead took pictures of themselves with his slowly stiffening corpse. You can watch the footage from the show below, and marvel at the terrifying living incarnation of punk rock.

Michael Edwards

Michael Edwards was a cellist most remembered for a) his time with massive prog outfit ELO and b) being killed in a total freak accident. Edwards was driving along the A381 near Totnes, when a 600 kg hay bale rolled down the hill and crashed into the van he was driving. Whilst this sort of thing may have been one of life’s threats back in, say, 1735, it seems pretty unlucky to happen, as it did, in September 2010. Apparently no one- other than a cruel and capricious God – was to blame.  

Sonny Bono

Loads of people know Cher’s songwriting partner Sonny Bono died by sking into a tree. Why? Because Eminem has rapped about it on Who Knew, that’s why - “Sonny Bono, skis horses and hittin some trees” to be precise. The ‘horses’ in the Eminem track is a reference to Sonny’s addiction to Valium and Vicodin – and I guess the lesson to be learned from this is don’t take loads of opiates then go skiing. It may seem pretty bloody obvious to you but you ain’t a rock star. They do stupid.    

Mama Cass

OK, apparently she didn’t actually die choking a ham sandwich. It’s just a rumour. Gutted. She was just really, really fat. Moving on.


Ervin McKinness aka Inkyy

Apparently it’s not cool to laugh at the dead. So we’ll just report the facts in this one. Last year aspiring 21 year old rapper Ervin McKinness, aka rapper Inkyy, was flying high. He’d just a signed a record deal and the world was at his feet. So that’s probably why he was driving hammered and tweeting the following:

“Drunk af going 120 drifting corners #FuckIt YOLO,” and then,

"Driving tweeting sipping the cup f*** yolo I'm turning it up,"

Yeah! We’re having a great time! YOLO, for those of you who failed Street Slang 101, is an acronym for You Only Live Once. Try and guess what’s gonna happen next. That’s right, about 10 minutes after the second tweet he ran a red light and slammed into a wall, dying outright.  Unfortunate.

Michael Farrell

Boney M frontman Michael Farrell’s death may not have been immediately apparent as odd- he suffered breathing difficulties and collapsed in his hotel room aged 61- but scratch under the surface and you realise that he was probably, definitely murdered by the ghost of Rasputin! NO SHIT. The facts: Boney M’s biggest hit was crap disco sing-a-long Rasputin, detailing the life of the mad monk, sorcerer and all round villain of the same name. At his death, Farrell was in Russia, former home of the monk. He had performed the woeful Rasputin track in St Petersberg before returning to his hotel room, and his demise. The date was December 29th, crucially the same day as Rasputin’s death in 1916. We’d say that’s fairly conclusive. The monk, enraged by Farrell’s temerity, and filled with the power of his death day, rose from his watery grave and psychic strangled the Boney M man. We’re basically 100% on this.  

Michael Hutchence

So there’s two versions of how INXS frontman Michael Hutchence died – the first, official, verdict from the coroner concluded that Hutchence, who’s body was found in his hotel room during the last leg of 1997s Elegantly Wasted tour, had committed suicide under the influence of drink, drugs and depression. So far, so standard. His estranged partner Paula Yates had another theory though, which she expanded on at length in a number of paid interviews – Hutchence had died while indulging in a spot of autoerotic asphyxiation – or, to put it laymans terms, Asphyxi-Wanking. His penchant for the wilder side of sex was well documented (he allegedly introduced fellow Aussie popstrel Kylie Minogue to the joys of.. ermmm.. Greek love…), and this story has passed into popular legend. Yates herself had a major skag problem, and died in 2000 of an overdose. Totally reliable source then.

Dimebag Darrell

Pantera founder Dimebag Darrell has the dubious honour of being (probably) the only metal guitarist to be shot whilst onstage, shredding.  Performing with Damageplan – the group he left Pantera for – Darrell was mid flow when schizophrenic metal fan Nathan Gale pulled out a Beretta 9mm and shot him 3 times in the head. Gale then continued to go buckwild, spraying the venue, killing 3 others and injuring 7, remaining silent throughout. He was finally stopped when a single bullet from a police shotgun took him out. Whilst theories abound on the reasons why Gale acted how he did, his mother has allowed exerpts from his diary to be published, which reveal that he believed Pantera were reading his mind, stealing his thoughts, and laughing at him, just like Jeremy Kyle does to me. The ghoulish amongst you (which if you’re reading this in the first place, is basically all of you) can watch some scenes from the shot out below.