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19th May James Brown, The Who and Liberty X!

  • By Effy
  • 19 May 2011

James brown had a good 12 month in 1987 to 1988 as on this day in 1988 he was arrested for the FIFTH time after he was involved in a car chase near his home! After being charged with resisting arrest, assault and possessing an illegal weapon he had a 6 year jail sentence to carry out! This got me interested and I looked him up a bit more for some interesting footage so instead of showing you one of his amazing songs I thought i’d show you him very drunk on TV!


Born On This Day

On 19th May 1945 Pete Townshend was brought windmilling into this world in Chiswick, London to form a band in early 1964 called The Who who have graced us ever since with there music. Pete’s roll in The Who was to be a ludicrous lead guitarist and a superb songwriter which he delivered over and over with songs like Behind Blue Eyes and obviously My Generation.



Number One

When you hear this one going your ears will perk up a bit! This evocative song made it to number one 9 years ago in 2002 and has been hear to make us work that little bit harder ever since.