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#4 One Direction - Take Me Home

  • By LukeDeSciscio Author Avatar
  • 1 April 2013

The most difficult thing about writing this installment of my blog was turning my back on everything I once believed.            

For a long time, perhaps too long, I would have said One Direction were a physical embodiment of everything the music industry should fight against. I would spend nights, in tearful abandon, pleading with the gods of mercy for salvation. ‘You took Buckley, you took Lennon, you took Kurt…please, just do the right thing.’

One Direction - Take Me Home

That was until I listened, from start to finish, to One Direction’s second album Take Me Home. I have since swallowed the bitter pill of acceptance and I have arisen to higher levels of musical appreciation because of it.

Once upon time, One Direction struck me only as the young-faced veneer fronting a hideous corporate machine that feeds upon the decimation of something that once had integrity and pride. It seemed that they were hell bent on the monetization of an art form that should distill the human condition into works of selfless expression that resonate with the timeless biology of our human nature. I thought music was about channeling inexpressible internal dimensions and saying: ‘hey, this is me and I’m putting my heart on a platter. THIS is the sound my soul makes.’

I was so, so wrong.

The future of music isn’t an echo of the past!

The future of music isn’t about integrity or honesty or a deeper level of understanding.

I had completely forgotten that we are a generation that throws our old people in homes and our waste in the ocean. It had slipped my mind that our generation is aware of a holocaustic assault on our planet but does nothing to stop it. And, how could I possibly remember that our generation will spend more money searching for water on Mars than it will on hydrating the drought ridden African countries?  

One Direction are not only the perfect figurehead for the children of today, they are a flawless encapsulation of everything our generation stands for: materialism, gluttony and style over substance!

WE CAN sell sex to little girls.

WE CAN prostitute the integrity of music in exchange for big bucks.

And, WE CAN, keep getting golden oldies to headline our festivals because no one new is any good.

Yes, we can.