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A New Band and the Sea

  • By Yossarian Ash
  • 26 September 2013
These are the meandering thoughts of Ash Spencer, manager and band member of Yossarian. A new Alternative DIY band who have decided to set sail on the ocean and play the game.
There's a sea, a massive sea with no horizon. It's calm and i'm trying to make waves with my tiny boat, but the sea's too fucking big. Maybe I should build a bigger boat and a bigger sail....catch the wind or a wave.
But maybe I don't want a bigger boat, it takes too long to move it, too many people have ideas about what to do with the boat. I want my small crew and I to be in charge of my boat even if that means that the boat will always be out there on its own surrounded by nothing but a deep ocean. The occasional seagull lands on the boat, seems to hang around for a while, occasionally flying off to bring a seagull friend back to the boat. They think it's quite a cool boat to be on, they seem to enjoy the ride. We like their company.
I'll keep on navigating the boat. The crew and I would love to keep on sailing round the world, under different stars every night, filling the boat with more and more of the cargo which seems to resonate with those seagulls. 
For the moment, however, we need to spend most of our time in port. We love the seagulls but we can't expect them to hang around on the boat with us forever. We're trying to find more seagulls that might like perching on the boat for a while. I guess they might also just want to crap on the boat, fair enough, there are plenty of boats out there. There might be nothing special about our boat. We have to set sail either way.


I will be donating my fee for writing this blog to help with boat maintenance.



Next week - How to Paint Your Boat