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Arp Attack

  • By MisterCharlie Author Avatar
  • 8 March 2012

A couple of weeks back Southampton electro poppers Arp Attack wheeled out a lethal combo of killer dance tunes and twinkling charisma to romp off with our coveted Fast Track to F.I.B. prize.

Here's a blast of the Arp Attack live experience so you can see what we're on about---

Now they’re back in their seaside base putting the finishing touches to a new EP and preparing for a summer packed with gigs. SupaJam caught up with singer Frankie to chat touring, knob twiddling and abusing Kev the drummer....

SJ: You've won the Fast Track to F.I.B., well done! How did you find the night
of the competition? Did you think you'd won ? 

Frankie: There was such a variety of acts of such a high standard which made the night so entertaining but we really didn't think we would win.

SJ: We guess you’re looking forward to playing in Spain- Is there anything particular your looking forward to?

F: We can't wait! We played in Berlin a while ago. It was freezing and snowed really hard and some taxi crashed into our van. This time we’re glad to be playing abroad in the summer! The line up is amazing; At the Drive In, Bat for Lashes and De la Soul will not be missed. The drive down should be interesting but we’re pretty good at travelling together. Chris is the sane, sensible driver, Kev's very calm and I have a habit of faling asleep to the Mars Volta. 

You travelled up from Southampton, what's the scene like down there ? And are there any other bands/ nights we should know about?

There is a great mix of genres within the live music scene. We've recently had Stone Them Crows recording in our studio. They have that raw rock an roll sound which is great to see live. The Common are great live with their hip hop, indie mix. The Joiners and Unit are great nights out and we've seen some great acts at The Soul Cellar and The Talking Heads which has just been saved from closure. We're busy getting some new material down at the moment so not playing live as much as we have. We’re back with our debut single Follow The Rhythm on 16th April, and we’ll go on a small tour to support that. 

Out of the various big name acts you've supported who was your favourite?
And who's been the biggest divas?

Fight like Apes are probably the favourite as they starting smashing up the venue during their set. Not met too many divas although it did crack me up hen one band were selling signed photos.

Moving swiftly on to the Smash Hits questions...  What we really want to know, is who's the vicious tyrant of the 3 Arp Attack members? And the shrinking violet?

Chris and Frankie both share the control freak label when it comes to songwriting / production. This leaves Kev to be the shrinking violet. Always the victim.

And the world needs to know- If Arp Attack was an acronym what would the letters stand for?



You've a track called Lonely Hearts...  this basically gives me carte blanche to ask you what exactly an Arp Attack Lonely Hearts ad would read?

Energetic threesome in need of some attention. Must be open to expertimenting, knob twiddling and banging til the early hours of the morning.

And finally, it's the end of the world. RATS. You've got 5 minutes to listen to a song. Any song. What’s it gonna be? Best make it a good ‘un...

It would have to be 'Knights of Cydonia' by Muse purely for the epic chorus 'No ones gonna take me alive' - Also, it ends with a big riff which would be great for a final rock out.


Huzzah ! And there you have it. If you get the chance, catch Arp Attack live for some serious stage enlivening action. You want more ? Well, there website is HERE, their facebook is right HERE and right below is the fuzzy suited video for ace slice of pop Crocodile Tears --




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