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Bacon Clothing in the Lol Generation

  • By TheMiserableBlogger
  • 21 October 2011



Fashion plays a big part in popularity in today's society. Simply wearing a bag on two shoulders or wearing "Rockford" shoes that cost you £7 can result in a head down the toilet in High School.

In Today's rant, I'll be looking at what makes us dress the way we do. Who is responsible for the kid in the green skinny jeans? The nobhead in the chinos? The slag in the stilettos? Well, it is of course their role models. The people they look up to, and it almost always, it starts with a celebrity. Celebrities do, whether we like it or not, influence the way we act, dress and even the way we speak. I know a few of you will disagree with that and send a load of abuse in the direction of The Miserable Blogger, but it's true. Walk through a City Centre of your choice and you'd be amazed at how easy it is to pinpoint fans of Katie Price, fans of JLS, fans of Justin Bieber and fans of The Black Kids. You may be thinking "Well, what's wrong with that?" and rightly so. We're all different, that's what makes us all so bloody beautiful. But I recently looked through some old photos from the 90's when The Spice Girls and Oasis made us all dress like cunts and I worry, that by 2014 we could be in a bigger fashion crisis than that of the 90's Joe Bloggs horror.

Eccentric fashion sense has always been rife in popular music, whether it's Mick Jagger's makeup and cock-shot-galore outifts, Jim Morrison's leather pants, Blondie with her high-wasted skinny jeans and monochromatic slinky dresses or Elvis Pressley's iconic studded suits, they all remain in our brains for a long time. These are examples of acceptable eccentric fashion in music. No one ever really took it too far, Elvis still looked sexy to his millions of female fans, I certainly wouldn't have kicked Blondie our of bed if she farted, Morrison and Jagger's female fans were certainly not put off by their revealing attire either. But now I sit here at my desk on the 20th of October 2011......looking at a picture of LADY FUCKING GAGA IN A MEAT SUIT.



Well, this just takes the piss doesn't it? I can't help but fear that Lady Gaga's awful dress sense may rub off on to the youth of today, the poor fans of hers, our girlfriends, our friends, our mothers, our auntie Susans - This cannot happen. If my mother walked in to my house with bacon covering her nipples, I'd spit in her face and give her a slap. It also makes you wonder what's coming next? Cheese shoes? Will we be buying our children Cheese Shoes in 15 years because of this bitch? I certainly won't. My son is definitely not getting Chocolate Socks for Christmas 2021.


Consider this blog as a warning. To all fans of Lady Gaga. Just stop. Before you are tempted to follow this trend of outrageously shite outfits - DON'T. Your Sausage Hats will start to smell, your Scrambled Egg Thongs will go mouldy and your fucking Meat Shoes will make you look like a cunt.

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