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  • 21 June 2012

A funny thing happened the other day. No! Wait! Honestly, it did. The story goes like this—a guy from a band was slagging off SupaJam online, saying we didn’t do anything for new bands. Without any facts, but with a whole load of attitude, he decided to give us all sorts of shit. Rather than getting a petty revenge by signing his email address to every penis enlargment site we could find, our boss contacted him, and gently pointed out the many, many, many hours we’ve put into promoting acts,supporting music, staging gigs, scoring bands slots in festivals, giving away gig tickets and writing enthusiastic reams about the tracks we love. Said guitarist conceded that maybe he was being out of order, and in fact, perhaps, actually we’d like to listen to his band? Yeah, yeah we said, and chucked his tracks in the vast, out of control pile marked LISTEN!!

The thing is, we do actually, eventually, listen to everything we get sent- even though it sometimes feels like there are enough CDs in the office to sink a small tropical island. So, about a month later, when we actually got round to the demo, we were very pleasantly surprised to find it was EFFIN GREAT, a mental, chaotic smash up of spaghetti western guitar, punk sneering and viciously cheap electronic beats, the trash talking bratty offspring of Primal Scream, The Fall, rust covered techno, Ennio Morricone and some grubby E’s found near-mangled on the disco floor.

Here’s some of their tracks, see what  we mean..?



So duly, we got back in touch with Blak Magik Society- for it was they- and said LOOK! Turns out your ace! Tell us more about yourself! And now, here’s what they had to say:

SUPAJAM: Tell us a bit about BlakMagikSociety – how did you get to this unholy collusion of machine and man?

BMS is the dual songwriting machine for Gil De Ray and BlakJesus. We've been friends for years while playing in different bands - BJ from a garage punk rock background (High Priests) and Gil from a more electronic productionstyle set up (the purple om eaters).

Our first love is garage punk / psychedelia-The Velvets,Stooges,Suicide- but we also love Motown, Marvin Gaye, Sly and the Family Stone and GOOD hip hop.

We always wanted to be the bastard child of the stooges and the happy mondays!

We decided we wanted to make an album using basic modern technology (garageband) as it appealed to our punk DIY aesthetic, why wait for a studio-do it at home and in the rehearsal studio, nowadays its possible.

Electronic beats are put down by Gil and then Bj brings his guitars too it-its a collaboration.

Songs are sometimes written by Gil, songs are sometimes written by BJ-sometimes thrashed out together in a frenzy.

Live we run the beats off the laptop and we jam along to that with Gil singing lead, BJ on guitar and vocals. We're accompanied by another guitar courtesy of Vertical Sundown. Then there's FeedbackJack, our first guitarist, currently in the U.S but set to return in September when 3 will become 4! 

In July we will be celebrating the release of our debut single "Our Time (Keep It Heavy)" with a string of gigs.


> 19th - Camden Lock Tavern (Single launch night)

> 20th - Good Ship Kilburn

> 21st - Milton Keynes "PROPERSTOCK" Festival


We should point out here that the band have got an album finished and ready to go as well-- ere's one of the stand out tracks from it: Up Against The Wall Motherfuckers!

Up Against The Wall Motherfuckers! by BlakMagikSociety


SJ: Looking at your soudcloud we couldn’t help but notice something called the Full Moon podcast, what’s the score with that?

We do a monthly Full Moon Radio Podcast. The full moon is a special time, there's a lot of crazy energy flying around and the world is wild. We like to celebrate each full moon with its own playlist-a diary of where we are at, whats been affecting us and influencing us.

The idea is to curate a musical montage that encompasses philosophy, movies, lost gems and literary genius!

We play old stuff, new stuff, crazy shit, funny shit, wise words..in short anything thats good, and we try to put it together in a way that creates something new in itself...

Something that makes you think or laugh..

We like to think of them as journeys...and of course we’re always on them ourselves...ha ha! 


SJ: You’ve got quite a lot to say for ourselves, and some fairly political lyrics, would you consider yourselves a political band?


We're living in a shitstorm. We say it as we see it, its not a conscious decision to be political.

In fact the point is that politics is dead, you vote for a different rider but it’s the same horse still running the show.

That horse is MONEY.

Things have gone way beyond that now.

Politics, religion, its all about the money man.

We believe in Art/FREEDOM and creating a better vision for the future. 

Its pretty sad that more people dont talk about important stuff in their songs...where are the Dylans of today?

We live in a self obsessed society that doesn't seem to be developing as a functioning body, we’re not saying let’s all go back to swapping chickens for bread, but at the end of the day when 1% live on ten times the financial wealth the 99% have-then there's an imbalance that needs to be addressed and seeing as people don't want a serious conflict to deal with it-then it should be expressed in an artistic form somehow.

Actually,sack that- we don't give a shit-we just want to have a riot because were pissed we don't have trust funds!


SJ: Do you have much encounter with black magic in your day to day lives?

Blakmagik is all around us.

We use it everyday when we put our intentions into action.

This entire world/society is a dream that we've all found ourselves in...we are all under the spell of humanity-some of us trying to break out of it!

A baby is born/ a song created - that's magick.

Each and everyone of our songs is a spell, and you've just arrived at the mass.

We all love Crowley -"ordinary morality for ordinary people", sound advice-he was a true renaissance man.

Plus the name is great, it informs all of our esoteric ambitions (without actually having a clue what were on about).

We even fucked up the spelling of Magick.

Here's a shot of one of our favourites from the album, the distinctly ritualistic sounding The Meaning of Life


The Meaning Of Life by BlakMagikSociety


SJ: Seeing as your such connoisseurs of culture, how about recommending us some stuff...?

we highly recommend you read "you can't win" by Jack black.

We highly recommend you watch "enter the void" by Gaspar Noe

We highly recommend you listen to our Full moon podcasts.

And make sure whilst you do all of those things, you are eating, drinking, drugging and loving!


SJ And finally, and most crucially of all, if your hands were amputated in a freak accident at Tescos, would you rather they were replaced with chickens feet or racoon claws? We’re willing to
accept either.

 We think that on the likely issue of having our hands chopped off by a freak accident in our local Tesco's supermarket and having our hands replaced by either chickens feet or raccoon claws-by the very nature of what we do and how we do it ,we'd have to opt for high grade genetically modified, testosterone pumped, battery farmed- angry Raccoon claws with an napoleonic ambition, philosophical nature, and love of all things fowl.

Thank God we got that sorted out. To find out more visit the bands web page over at http://blakmagiksociety.wordpress.com





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