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11 mighty fine Breaking Bad related songs

  • By AndyVale
  • 2 October 2013


It's done. If you're not into Breaking Bad then the Internet has probably sucked for you recently, if you are then what a ride we've been on! I know that Supajam has been obsessed with this show lately and covered it in whatever way we can (Supabad... no, not the best name), but we had to have a proper look at some of the music on the show. It will help me with my Breaking Bad withdrawal, I don't want a repeat of the ghostlike state I was in for a week after the end of Doomsday Arcade .

What's your favourite track that's related to Breaking Bad in some way? Let us know in the comments section.

We're looking at any songs or pieces of music that are linked to the show in some way. They can be ones about the show, ones that featured in the show, or ones that have some sort of tenuous connection. ANY sort of tenuous connection will do, because the more you know...

Badfinger - Baby Blue

Let's begin at the end. Badfinger's 1971 track 'Baby Blue' has had a huge leap in popularity since soundtracking the final moments of the show, and could well make a return to the charts this week as a result. The opening lyrics, song title, and pain-soaked sense of farewell make this an unlikely yet perfect soundtrack for our final moments with Walt. I'm sure this was exactly what was planned when the band wrote the song over 40 years ago.

Riben Collective - End of Breaking Bad (We're Not Fine)

Set to R.E.M.'s 'It's The End of The World', this parody song is basically the entire show condensed into four minutes. Want to join the chat at the water cooler but can't be arsed to sit through 62 episodes? Here's your solution!

Cowboy and Indian - Trouble

You may remember the polite yet evil child killing, mother killing, ice-cream delivering, way-out-of-his-league fancying Devil's Boy Scout known as Todd. The worst thing about the final episode is that I didn't personally get to walk into the screen and kick the living hell out of him. But Jesse Plemons, the actor who plays him, is also in a pretty decent rustic Country/Folk group called Cowboy and Indian. Funny, because kids play Cowboys and Indians AND TODD KILLED A KID!

Los Cuates de Sinaloa - Negro y Azul: The Ballad of Heisenberg

At the beginning of the episode 'Negro y Azul' (meaning Black and Blue), we were treated to this music video. It's a jaunty narcocorrido song that was co-written by Vince Gilligan describing some of Walt's activities that have given notoriety to his Heisenberg alter-ego.

Steve Folk - Breaking Bad

We first heard of Steve Folk when he was submitted to our 'Make Me Care About...' blog. He wrote this song about the show a few months back, but seems to predict one of the key moments in the show's finale. The chorus line of "yeah I'm breaking bad, but it's the most fun I ever fucking had," is eerily similar to Walter's honest explanation of himself to Skyler in their last encounter. Yeah, it says what we all sort of knew anyway but the pivotal placement of it is interesting.

The Electric Pancakes - Heisenberg Song

There are a billion Breaking Bad parody songs on the Internet now (and even one on this list already), but we like this one. Fun rhymes, sure. But it's the dedication at the end that tips us over. 

Kingsfoil - American Veins

Wanna know an insane connection that Supajam has to Breaking Bad? Our CEO had an au pair over from America about ten years ago. Her brother was a guy called Jordan, who visited one time and sat on their sofa strumming out some songs that he wrote for a band he had recently started. Fast-forward a few years and that band, Kingsfoil, were getting some momentum until their drummer left. Frankie Muniz (who had been drumming since his early teens) was with a band who shared the same label (or manager... can't remember) and jumped ship to play for Kingsfoil. Frankie Muniz --> Malcolm In The Middle --> Bryan Cranston --> Breaking Bad. Voila! Anyway, I like watching this video and imagining it's the soundtrack to Jesse calmly driving through the desert thinking about life and stuff.

DLZ - TV on the Radio

This one's busted out when Walt stands eyeball to eyeball with what appear to be two hardened dealers and firmly tells them to stay out of his territory. It also begins with the lyric "congratulations on the mess you made of things," which is somewhat apt.

Tom Neville & Zen Freeman feat. Aaron Paul - Dance Bitch

Jesse's choice of profanity became one of the simplest catchphrases in TV Drama history. Tom Neville & Zen Freeman have applied themselves and taken the initiative to include it in a synth-heavy electronic dance number with a confident house beat.

Mischif - Flynn Loves Breakfast

Mischif has actually written a whole album of songs about Breaking Bad, but I'm going with this one because Flynn's love of breakfast is one of my favourite recurring themes of the show. I'd love to make him a full English every morning, I bet he could eat a whole brick of black pudding.

Dave Porter - Breaking Bad Main Title Theme

The murky percussion, the predatory bass, the dominant guitar twang. It can seem almost comedic when used in short doses, there's something very sitting-on-the-porch about it. But when played at full length, the tense build and jarring release gives it a real wide-screen feel. It's just badass, and will play in my head whenever I wear a scowl.

Do you have any other Breaking Bad related songs that you enjoy? Let us know in the comments below.

Either ones that were in the show, about the show, or just connected to it in some tenuous way.

Personally, I'd love for someone to write a song about whatever happened to this guy.

Found on the Breaking Bad subreddit.

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