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But I Just Don't Get Gaga!

  • By Jimeh
  • 19 September 2011


We recently posted this week’s singles reviews but this bloggers opinions on Lady Gaga just missed the cut, so for your viewing pleasure here are my honest opinions on Gaga’s latest release. Be warned – EXPLICIT CONTENT.

This week sees another release by self-made ‘Let’s–see-how-pointlessly-weird-I-can-make-myself-today’ pop star Lady Gaga, with her latest release ‘You And I’ from the album ‘Born This Way’.

 I had to force myself to watch the video to this single, and I’ll be totally honest. There is nothing about Lady Gaga that I find entertaining. I hate the way she looks, dresses, sounds, walks, speaks, breathes and just about anything else you can think of about her! She tries so desperately hard to be zany, strange and ‘individual’ that it just ends up becoming bloody ridiculous! Hell, just look at the new video, we’re 50 seconds in and the music hasn’t even started yet! Did we really need the random clips that have no relation to ANYTHING just put in there for no other reason but for us to think “Wow, look how artsy and special she is”. Fuck off Gaga, I already hate the song and it’s not even started yet!

Flash forward six of longest and most unbearable minutes of my life and I can’t help thinking to myself “Does someone actually sit down and script these videos? Or do they all just take a shed load of drugs, raid the weirdest and most random wardrobe they can find, turn up in far-out locations and film whatever comes to mind first and then cut it all together”…

I know we’re not here to review the video, but seriously what the hell is going on in that! So, let’s look at the song. My opinion is that it is boring, simple and repetitive drool. If she put half the time she did making that video into giving the track a bit more variation or flavor maybe it wouldn’t be half as bad, but then again maybe not. Oh, and just to end the video on a high note, it even has another 37 seconds of no music and just random clips at the end of the video.  As if we are to believe that this is concluding all the little stories we have just witnessed…

In the end, as I say I just can’t stand her so I know I’m probably the worst person in the world to review her songs but sod it, sometimes you just have to say what’s on your mind.

What do you guys think?


Also, another thing caught my eye today. Jonathan Pierce from The Drums decided to come out and say to the Kings Of Leon (in a nutshell) ‘your music is shit, I hate you and you should split up’. This is after Kings Of Leon let The Drums support them. (Click here if you haven’t read that story)

Now I’m not a huge fan of Kings Of Leon, but then again I’m not a huge fan of The Drums, but for Jonathan Pierce to come out and say this kind of thing is a bit ballsy.

Kings Of Leon have had a nine time selling platinum album, two Brit Awards, nine top forty singles and all three albums peaking in the top five of the UK album chart. Whereas The Drums have.... Not. (Their two albums have done very well in the media but have they won any awards?)

Now off course everyone’s entitled to their opinions but I think it’s a little early in his career to start suggesting hugely successful bands should just split up because he doesn’t like them.

Maybe he should just stick to ripping off The Smiths and writing songs that are unbearably dreary and similar with his ‘It’s so un-cool, it becomes cool’ haircut. Anyone agree?