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But its not the Blink 182 we know and love

  • By Jimeh
  • 8 September 2011

Before we start I have to confess, Blink-182 were a hugely important part of my school years and probably the first band I felt so inspired by that I would have happily sold off my own mother in order to travel to one of their gigs!

So far we’ve been provided with three very different tracks from 'Neighborhoods'. I know I wasn't the only fan to approach the album with trepidation, so what do we make of this such eagerly anticipated new material?    

‘Up All Night’ was released back in July and in my opinion, it's far too influenced by Tom’s band Angels and Airwaves. It is everything I didn’t want to happen to Blink-182 in 2011. In August, through their website,  they released ‘Hearts All Gone.’ A fast paced punk rock track that seemed to put the world to rights again. Bringing us up to now, here we are with the third song to be released to the public (second official release from the album) ‘After Midnight’.

The newest track debuted on Zane Lowe's Radio 1 show and has since been picked up by fan sites all over the web. Check out the link at the bottom of the page and go give it a listen yourselves.

After listening to Blink-182’s first taster single ‘Up All Night', I had my concerns that Tom DeLonge’s 'Angels and Airwaves' side-project would have had a heavy influence on Blink's new material. It displayed an overuse of guitar effects, long intro’s with random and unnecessary breakdowns mid-track, that worked well for 'Angels and Airwaves' but is it what we want from a Blink-182 track? The worry is that the fans wouldn’t be getting a true Blink-182 album. Don’t we all want one with preppy school boy angst inspired lyrics, pop-punk power chords, impossibly complex but awe inspiring drum beats and that classic toilet humor we all grew to love in Blink's earlier material?

Maybe I’m being unfair. Can a band soon to be approaching there 40’s, still write lyrics about young love, family drama’s and teenage life whilst still packing as much energy and excitement into every song as they used too? Perhaps we are seeing evidence to suggest not.

When Blink-182 leaked the track ‘Hearts All Gone’ I felt a small sigh of relief, the song was a glimpse of normality for Blink with their simple but relentless guitar rifts, Travis’s trademark loud, fast and epic drum beats all together with some tasty vocals that help the song flow from start to finish.

After listening to the new single ‘After Midnight’ a few times I really don’t know whether to love or hate it. No, it doesn’t totally sound like 'Angels and Airwaves' nor does it sound like the Blink-182 of old, the band that supplied us with many a teen anthem.

I recently found myself humming the lyrics to ‘Up All Night' and thinking “Which band sings this again?” before realising it was my beloved Blink-182! The band just sounds so different now that I forget it’s the same three people that sparked my love for music all those years ago.

Maybe the 14 year old in me just can’t let go of the fact that after eight years apart, and being in totally different sounding bands, Blink-182 is unfortunately just not going to be the same ever again and I’ll have to get over it, stop dwelling, embrace the new and try to enjoy the new album.

Let me know what you guys think of the new song!



Here is ‘Hearts All Gone’ which is the fast paced punk rock track that suits Blink so well.



And here is  ‘Up All Night’,  which I feel is too experimental and not want I was hoping for from the album at all!