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Cave Painting

  • By MisterCharlie Author Avatar
  • 2 November 2012

Cave Painting have just finished up their eagerly awaited debut album Votive Life. Friends of Alt-J, they toured with this years Mercury winners, and share a similar love of intricate song structures, cerebral lyrics and esoteric instrumentation. Without wanting to get too into rabid PR hyperbole, it doesn't seem far fetched to say that the Brighton four piece will probably be bagging their own awards in the next couple of years. Last single So Calm ended up being used in Made in Chelsea, but don't hold that against it (bom tssssss...). You can give it a listen to it's gorgeous expansive melodies below though --

We ran some quick questions past the band, here's there short but sweet answers --

CP: Hello! we are Adam Kane(Vocals) Sam Simon(Keys/vocals) Harry Smallwood(Guitar) Rich Snabel(Bass/vocals) Jonathan McCawley(Drums)

SJ: No one likes to be pigeon holed, but what the hell.... Can you describe your sound to us in a neat lil catchy soundbite?

SJ:There's a slightly exotic edge to your sound, maybe a little bit afro pop-- is this a conscious thing?
CP: Possibly we like to experiment with different less traditional instruments and sounds, so that may have a bearing.

SJ: You've called the album Votive Life. Without cheating by using google, we're pretty sure a votive candle was some sort of religious thing, but other than that we're pretty lost. enlighten us, what exactly is a votive life?
CP: You would be right in regards to a votive candle, a votive is an offering, not strictly religious, it was based around the idea of this album being what we've been living and experiencing the last couple of years, it is also our first offering as a band.

SJ: Now the albums dusted how do you feel about it? what next for Cave Painting?
CP: We're happy with it, and excited to play the songs live, it's nice to see reactions to what you have been working on, and we're also eager to start work on the next album.

SJ: Imagine you're suddenly signed to Daddy FatSacks Records for an advance of £200,000. What do you spend the cash on?
CP: Touring.

SJ: We see you from Brighton, do you feel like part of any 'scene' down there, or are you more going it alone?
CP:Not really, to be honest with recording the album and touring we've not been here all that much, it's become more of a base for us.

SJ:And finally, if you could pick anyone to work with, living, dead or entirely fictional, who would they be?
CP:Quincy Jones
Votive Life is available to buy now-- go to the bands' website for more details. Alternatively like them on their facebook




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