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Coachella - Can you Brits compete?

  • By CoCo
  • 20 April 2011

I know you Brits think that you have cornered the market on festivals - you seem to have a festival a week for months on end, in every nook and cranny of your country.  And since it takes five minutes to get to other parts of Europe, you can just pop over to France, Germany, Spain, to go to even more festivals - I get it - you are the nexus of the universe when it comes to festivals.  But we Americans do have our own little festival called Coachella.  And it's awesome.  And it just so happens to be an hour from where Coco lives!

Usher: Watching and indeed having a bit of a bromance with Kanye!

I look forward to Coachella every year - even though I dread the heat (so hot), the crowds (100,000 this year), and most of all the wannabes.  But every year I am pleasantly surprised.  The reason to go, of course, is the bands.  This year was no exception, with something for everyone.  

Kate Perry: Still loking cool despite the heat

Mumford and Sons was amazing, The Kills killed it (love me some Allison, but love her more when she's with Jack), Cage the Elephant was SO GOOD.  Animal Collective was boring and Broken Social Scene was interesting, The Strokes were overrated and Kanye West was unbearable.  Duran Duran made me so happy,  Zach DeLaRocha has a new band (snore) as does Ben Harper (Fistful of Mercy), and I truly tried to understand Death From Above 1979 before giving up to find beer.   Arcade Fire was probably the highlight of the weekend (and I stood next to Rhianna as she danced along for the whole show).  Even Clint Eastwood was there - what more could you want from a festival?

Clint Eastwood: Who were you watching?


Let's see you Brits do that!  
(Oh yeah - Glastonbury is right around the corner...)

Until next time,


PS: Check out my favourite performance from the festival and THE moment everyone was talking, tweeting and FB'ing about - The Balloon drop from Arcade Fire (excuse the poor audio)....AWESOME!