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Door 14: FREE Danni Nicholls EP and album sampler

  • By AndyVale
  • 14 December 2013

You lucky thing. In the advent calendar today we have a simmeringly hot package of free music for you from one of the most exciting young Country/Americana acts in the country. Danni Nicholls has been a favourite of ours ever since she appeared on our rader about 18 months ago, we love her and we think you will too.

Grab your free Danni Nicholls bundle right here!

This bouquet of music features toe-tappers, foot-stompers, hand-holders, love-makers, and heart-breakers. Firstly, Danni has given us her entire Time EP to give to you free of charge. It includes the gorgeous 'Between the River and the Railway', which we included in our list of 30 Awesome Songs You Might Not Have Heard a few months ago.

On top of that, Danni has kindly given us a couple of tracks from her critically acclaimed fan-funded album A Little Redemption. One of the tracks included in this little bundle is the breezy, free-wheeling 'Hey There Sunshine'. Some of you may remember the video being premiered on here back in July. There's also the title track, plus 'Dragons In The Distance' for all the lovers out there.

If you don't enjoy any of the songs in this collection then we'll give you your money back, and personally escort you to the doctor to get your head checked. If you did like it then why not buy the whole album from Danni, or at least tell her you liked it on her Facebook. She's an independent artist, so all support is appreciated.

Grab your free Danni Nicholls bundle right here!

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