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Door 15: Why you should be careful who you give your Twitter details to...

  • By AndyVale
  • 16 December 2013

We thought we'd deviate from music slightly in today's advent calendar post, giving you something that is both amusing AND educational. 

Last night the head chef from The Plough pub in Oxfordshire was fired days before Christmas. He claims it was because he wanted to take a couple of days off for family time over the festive period. Whatever the reasoning, he's not happy about it and he's let the whole world know... via the pub's Twitter page!

Whatever the rights and wrongs of the chefs firing, this is a classic example of why you need to know who has control of your social media, and to change your password before firing them! Otherwise they may do stuff like this, and they'll still be there over 16 hours later!

*Update* The fired chef who made those posts has now been given a new job offer

It reminds us of the famous tweets from HMV earlier this year...

Social media is great!

(Also, we realise it's a day late. Got caught up watching Sports Personality of the Year. Soz.)

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