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Door 22: Folk-Swing cover of 'Last Christmas' by Charley Farley Sunday Four

  • By AndyVale
  • 22 December 2013

Our last couple of Christmas covers that have been included in our advent calendar have been slower, more reflective affairs. Time for something that gets your foot stomping.

Charley Farley Sunday Four have uploaded this raucous, warm-pub cover of 'Last Christmas' that's so sing-a-long it could even get George Michael himself out of the toilets and up on top of the bar to bellow along. It's suited for ale and mulled wine and shouting along with the toothless old guy who is totally unaware that his local has an exit.


If you like the sound of Charley Farley Sunday Four then you could be a good sport and purchase one of their compact discs. They make great "sorry it's late, the present I originally ordered you got lost in the post. I hope this will do" gifts. It always goes without saying that we encourage you to support upcoming independent musicians whenever you find something you like.

Don't forget to check out Supajam's advent calendar every day in the lead up to Christmas, where will be sharing a little treat with you in celebration of Santa's birthday. There are free tickets, songs, and albums all waiting for you to go and claim, as well as other things to amuse yourself with.