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Festival bands 2012

  • By MisterCharlie Author Avatar
  • 7 July 2012

10 of the best festival acts to see this summer...

After last weeks Hop Farm blow out, we’ve well and truly got the bug... Here at SupaJam Towers we’re chomping at the bit for a summer of live music. Here are 10 acts that we’re gonna try our level best to catch at one point in the next 3 months..


10.The Vaccines

One of the few acts this year to have broken through to the top tier of headliners, The Vaccines deserve every last ounce of support for that fact alone. Plus they’ve got a nutso live show that’s 60% very short songs, 40% jumping up and down, and 10% yelling your lungs out. Which is more than maths should allow.


9.Nic Jones

The presence of Nic Jones at this years Cambridge Folk Festival is a tiny miracle. Following the recording of an album considered to be one of the pinnacles of UK Folk, 1980’s Penguin Eggs, Jones was in a horrific car accident that left his body and brain shattered. After years of recovery he has now announced that he will perform once more, in what should be an inspiring and magical show from an English legend. We like.




Kindness have produced a great debut this year, the gloopy, discofied World, You Need a Change of Miind. All the reports indicate that in a live setting the albums hazy grooves turn into sleazy molten chocloate eargasms, with band leader Adam Bainbridge's thick basslines lolling around the stage like a sated hussy on a sticky summers eve. And yes, that is a recommendation.

7.The Cribs

The Cribs look all set for a big ‘un this summer- somehow they’re on album number 5 (how did that even happen? Where did the time go?)  and they’ve gone back down to a tidy three piece. Whilst Johnny Marr lent an undeniable weight to the band, with his departure they seem leaner, louder and tighter and all set for a string of triumphant summertime slots.  



After this years excellent solo record from Coxon, and the usual manic, esoteric work rate from Albarn, the Blur Hyde Park Show looks set to be a foregone conclusion. After a couple of decades of incendiary live performances the band know what the fans want; hit after hit- and they’ll deliver that, without ever being afraid to work in new material. Brilliantly, Blur refuse to sink into becoming a nostalgia act, and instead remain, despite occasional hiatus, very much an ongoing concern.

5.Django Django

I think Django Django should be forced to recreate all the sounds on their album live, without the aid of a computer. The stage would need to be a mile or so long and contain a few horses, a couple of orchestras and a passing alien invasion force, with Django Django just about visible as four brightly attired chaps crammed into the middle. The fact this probably won’t happen should in NO WAY stop you checking them out.


It’s been ooooo, a good half year since a band have hustled up as much hype as Savages have in a space of a couple of months. The alternative music press has been bleeding from the eye pores and haemorrhaging  from the teeth in its eagerness to proclaim Savages the best thing since Simon Cowell caught his left tit in the mangle. As there’s next to nothing online from the band, the only way you’re gonna be able to see if all the fuss is justified is to catch them onstage. Apparently if you don’t, you’ve basically missed the musical equivalent of The Second Coming as produced by Ridley Scott, and are officially a cultural moron. Consider yourself warned.


Look, Ceremony are just very bloody good. They’re a hardcore band who understand exactly when you need a pop melody and when you need a bug ugly cochlea shattering guitar assault. They were in England earlier this year to promote new album Zoo and we damn well missed them. Not this time. No sirree, particularly as they’re playing at the tasty looking Radfest


Alt-J have won a quintillion fans by that long thought dead technique of writing loads of really good songs, and then singing them well. We find it easy to imagine their folky lilting electronics wafting cross a beautiful field* straight into our hearts.


*OK, so realistically, cross a muddy shitpit covered in empty beer cups and piss bottles, but sheesh, can’ t a guy have a dream...?



1. Stone Roses

They’ve got to be number one. Not since The Modern Lovers has a band with such a tiny discography cast such a long shadow. The accounts of the gigs so far have read as cathartic, near religious experiences, where the Roses themselves have almost been a side attraction to the tens of thousands of fans gathering together to belt out hit after beloved hit.  Ian Brown is on fine controversial form (drummer c*nting, flag arse wiping etc), the footage so far looks top, and they’re the one show we can’t wait to catch this summer.