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Free Track Friday

  • By MisterCharlie Author Avatar
  • 22 February 2013

Welcome to Free Track Friday...

As of right now, we'll be weekly giving away some of our favourite new music. YES you can expect gems from future stars, YES you can expect exclusives from established artists, YES we're gonna throw out the occasional wild card and NO if you're a dead eyed major label PR lizard touting Little Mix's latest we don't want to hear from you. The rules are simple: if we don't love it, we won't post it.

We're kicking off with two vital new numbers, one from a returning veteran and one from some essential new comers. Listen, download, enjoy!

The Family Rain - Carnival

We reviewed this earlier this week, and the more we've listened the more we've loved it. The Family Rain are three brothers from Bath who play humdinging, brain rattling garage rock, augmented with joyous, incandescent melodies. There's such a grimey, lovely groove to Carnival you'd be forgiven for thinking it was a lost classic from Youth & Young Manhood era Kings of Leon - as it is we've got a feeling that these brothers are going to be giving us some absolute treats in 2013. Follow them on facebook right away, or you'll be sorry.



Alison Moyet - Changeling

Alison Moyet does things her way. From the visionary synth pop of Yazoo, to a chart topping solo career, to a refusal to engage in the bullshit of modern promotion (this tweet from last year says it all really : “I appear to have forfeited my recording deal because I won’t do reality TV. No-one needs to make an album that badly. Tea anyone?”), Moyet is a genuine one off. If calling her a National Treasure didn't make her sound like something you'd see behind glass in a museum, we'd happily do so. She's recently been signed to Cooking Vinyl, and label boss Rob Collins has been enthusing about the new album, set to be released later this year, telling press that

"Alison is a legend and has made an outstanding record on her own terms. I think a lot of people will be surprised, in a good way, about how amazing the record is."

We've got the first fruits of her recordings to give away, and yes we're pleased. Changeling is a modern electronic pop song, made from glitching keyboards and staccato beats, with Moyet's deep, powerful voice anchoring proceedings. More info can be found on Alison's website.