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Free Track Friday: HeartsRevolution

  • By MisterCharlie Author Avatar
  • 3 May 2013

HeartsRevolution first came onto our radar a couple of years back with their response to Crystal Castles mangled 8 bit goth. The bands are similar in a number of aspects - both are the boy/ girl duos, and both use an abrasive musical pallete drawn from dystopian digital malfunctions. The difference lies in Leyla 'Lo' Safai's vocals - a sweeter sound than Alice Glass's punk shriek - and in HeartsRevolution's poppier leanings. These have seen the band signed to electro tastemakers Kitsune, as well as Skrillex's influential OWLSA label. Now the duo are back with a third album, part produced by hip hop veteran Just Blaze. As a warm up, you can check out their new mixtape here: http://snd.sc/Xm0Oi0, or you can download recent single Retrograde below. Now seems a good time to mention that they've also got their own ice cream truck. Here it is:


We'll take a 99 please guvnor. And a Magnum for the wife.

Now, brace yourself for Retrograde, more links below:



HeartsRevolution on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HEARTSREVOLUTION

And Tumblr:  http://heartsrevolutionrideordie.tumblr.com