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Free Track Friday: Marcus Reeves

  • By MediaMonkey
  • 8 November 2013

If you were to swing past the website of Marcus Reeves, you’d see something fantastic on the front page: he has quotes of praise, like a lot of bands, but his are from Elaine Paige (she of musical theatre), and Sister Wendy, she of art critique. As you can tell, Marcus Reeves isn’t a three chord indie band in a small pub. In fact he’s a versatile soul whose music is grand and theatrical, at once classic pop of the sort they don’t make now, and also perfect for Paige’s stages. Err, we’re sorry, that wasn’t an attempt at poetry.


We’ve got the emotional ‘Black Tears’ to give you today, and it’s the full length version from Marcus’ debut album ‘Quicksilver – The Masquerade Macabre’, only recently released.