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Free Track Friday: Melic

  • By MediaMonkey
  • 23 August 2013

Regular Supajam readers will have heard Melic’s ‘Nowhere I’d Rather Be’ when we ran the video earlier this year, but now you can have the song for free. That’s right, gratis. So what are you getting? It’s a poppy rock tune that adds synths into the mixing pot and has weight through a gruff vocal.


 The band are a foursome from New Zealand, but they’ve now based themselves in London. Debut album ‘An Hour to Anywhere’ (which is also Richard Brandon’s dream space company) is already available, with a double a-sider called ‘Ting Tong’ / ‘No Escape’ coming October 7th.

Here's their Facebook, and here's their label, Beatnik Geek.