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Free Track Fridays: Fat White Family

  • By MisterCharlie Author Avatar
  • 15 March 2013

Photo by Lou Smith

Stand by for super fun and a lorra laughs with the Fat White Family, official favourite band of ex-Popes, men who own sheds, and the wild, squeezed middle classes. We've said they're the best act in England for so long now we're bored of repeating ourselves, and they haven't suddenly got shit. At one point their mind boggling debut album Champagne Holocaust  may actually get some sort of proper release - we reviewed the blighter about half a year ago, and since then it's only been available to those plucky beggars who've actually got it together and gone to be blessed by the bands nudity spattered live show. For the rest of you, the rumour is it's going to be out at some point round April 1st, from Trashmouth Records.

Until then, in simply wonderful news, we've managed to wangle an album track off the Fat Whites for free download. That's right! You can download Garden of the Numb, a horrific, woozy ballad to idiocy, containing spiteful gems such as "you make all God's colours seem the same," for the austerity flavoured price of zero poundspence. It's honestly no comparison to the transubstanciation* of the live show but what did you expect cheapskate? Art? Enlightenment? 

*get me

Here we go - listen here:

And download here:


If you want more, you could watch this video of the band in action:

And then you could get all pro-active, and go and look at the bands sporadically tended facebook.