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Hop Farm 2012-- How was it for you... Adam Barnes

  • By MisterCharlie Author Avatar
  • 5 July 2012

So another Hop Farm Festival is done and dusted, but a fleeting memory of sunshine, laughter, cider and the gleam off Peter Gabriel's shiny dome.

As ever SupaJam were proud to send a whole host of acts to the festival, where they delighted the crowds with some sheer musical wizardry. We thought we'd catch up with the bands and see just how it was for them.. Here's what they had to say...


How did your gig go?
The show went really well, we have a great turnout early in the day and it was great to open up a day that Bob Dylan closed. Have to admit it was quite a nerve-racking experience but all in all i think we gave it our all on the day. 
What was the highlight of your set?
A bit i always find fun to do is a tom drum hitting on the final song, i really go all out and always seem to snap sticks in half or they shatter while i'm playing which seems to be fun.. but this time i managed to break half the strings on my guitar a a part before i start drumming so i had to work around that for a minute before i could get back into it! the show must go on as they say. 
What was the best experiance of the festival?
Either the moment before i went on stage looking out at a tent full of people about to watch us, or the moment after when i went side stage and got to speak to some people that really enjoyed the set - one side was definitely full of more relief but both equally enjoyable. 
And the worst?
I had a gig in Wales that evening so i had to leave the festival an hour after loading out drive 4 hours by myself. it wouldn't of been so bad and the gig was really nice in Wales but i got a phone call while i was at the show to listen to Damien Rice play and it sounded incredible, was gutted to miss one of my musical idols but i hope there will be other chances to see him!
Did you see any other acts you enjoyed?
Saw alot of good bands on the Sunday - Frightened Rabbit we're my favourite of the weekend, but Lucy Rose, Tallest Man On Earth, Billy Ocean and Kool and the Gang were all fairly amazing! (Damien Rice would of been there if i'd have seen him!)
Were any of your band shamelessly hammered?
Saturday night was a big night for my band, they really enjoyed themselves!  Couple of them got to the point when they needed to go on the Ghost Train but it wasn't too rockstar for us that weekend! 
Who would be on your dream festival line up in the future?
Hop Farm got it very close last year  but it would have to be.. Death Cab For Cutie, City and Colour, Damien Rice, Bon Iver, Ray Lamontagne, Freelance Whales, Manchester Orchestra and a headline set from Paul Simon i think. Theres a tonne of bands i would love to see so it would have to be a pretty big festival!