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Hop Farm 2012-- How was it for you... Flight Brigade

  • By MisterCharlie Author Avatar
  • 5 July 2012

So another Hop Farm Festival is done and dusted, but a fleeting memory of sunshine, laughter, cider and the gleam off Peter Gabriel's shiny dome.

As ever SupaJam were proud to send a whole host of acts to the festival, where they delighted the crowds with some sheer musical wizardry. We thought we'd catch up with the bands and see just how it was for them.. Here's what they had to say...



How did your gig go?

We had a blast, it's so nice to play in such a big space, not only could we all fit on stage but we could jump around without injuring each other or breaking equipment.

What was the highlight of your set?

 Probably playing our brand new track Creature

What was your best experience of the festival?

Definitely playing up there, that was special and would be hard to beat with anything.

And the worst?

  - one of the weirdest was being woken-up on Saturday morning by a man on his hands and knees outside our tent in a dinosaur costume barfing...

Did you see any other acts you enjoyed?

Yes lots, some of us caught different stuff but definite highlights were, Ray Davies, Patti Smith, Maximo Park, Slow Club as well as our friends Yossarian.

Were any of your band shamelessly hammered?

 We took full advantage of our rider - which was a lot bigger than we expected, nothing shameless that we can remember anyway

aaaaand who'd be on your dream festival line up in the future?

Them Crooked Vultures, Future of The Left, Efterklang, Tom Waits, The Invisible, The National, Death Cab For Cutie.

Flight Brigade - Sirens by Supajam