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  • 13 December 2012

Indiana is a smouldering voiced internet sensation. She was discovered singing a youtube cover of Joe Goddard's Gabriel - the songs original composer, Grammy and Ivor nominated songwriter John Beck, was blown away by Indiana's seering rendition, deciding he liked it more than Goddard's version. He got in touch with the Nottingham based singer, and a new relationship was born. The first fruit of this is the burning soul of Blind As I Am - championed by Huw Stephens and Annie Mac. The track spoke of an arresting maturity way beyond its singers tender years, and got us interested... so we grabbed Indiana for a quick Q&A, and found out her thoughts on stage fright, loving Whitney Houston, and having too many cats...


SJ: You were discovered on the back of a video shot on your phone, had you been doing much in music before your break?


Not really, I'd always loved singing but it wasn't until I began writing that my voice started to change. I always had an ok voice but my tone and delivery has changed so much now. I've made a connection with music and discovered a talent I didn't know I had.


SJ: Who are you working with at the moment? Are there any collaborations coming up that we'd like to hear about?


I'm still writing with John Beck, I'm a one cowriter at a time kind of girl. I was lucky to be discovered by someone that I connect with on so many levels, he brings out the best in all of my abilities and he's a pretty cool guy.... I would love to work with Jamie XX… I love The XX. Frank Ocean is amazing. Also, Plan B is a very inspirational artist and I quite like Childish Gambino, he has so much passion.


Tell us what and who have been the biggest influences on your music?


Portishead, The XX, Radiohead, Kanye West, New Look, and the film Drive.


And what about the first song you loved...?


I used to sing I will always love you about 20 times a day. I loved Whitney when I was little.


We've seen you've started gigging, do you enjoy them, or find them terrifying?


I love them but I'm a bag of nerves running up to them. I convince myself that I can't sing and I don't know the words. As soon as I get up there though, i morph in to the music and just forget everything around me. I'm consumed by each song and when I reach the end it's like I've been thrown back in to this room full of people, all eyes are on me and I don't know where I've been for the last 4 minutes.


Finally, tell us a secret....


I have six cats….


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