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I'm Alive. Bring It.

  • By CoCo
  • 3 March 2011

Greetings from Los Angeles, home of movie stars and sunshine, traffic and smog, good vibrations and tasty waves.

Things get a little crazy around here during the awards season - January through March you can't turn around without stepping on a celebrity.  Last night I did almost step on Prince at Book Soup on Sunset (I mean literally - he's just so small).  Sometimes it's surreal (Elton John walking through the Sunset Marquis Hotel lobby singing), sometimes it's amusing (Lionel Ritchie eating a salad at the Polo Lounge), and every once in a while it's amazing (Dame Judi Dench explaining to the bartender at the Four Seasons Hotel exactly how she wanted her martini while giggling with Helena Bonham Carter).

But I digress - the subject at hand is music.  If you got through the Grammys last month, you will agree that we are in need of a revolution.  When the most memorable image of the night is someone rolling down the red carpet in an egg, the music industry has problems.  England's own Mumford and Sons may have been a breath of fresh air, but it was fleeting.  The good news is - it can't possibly get much worse, can it?  When the people that run the record companies are bigger stars than their artists (I'm talking to you, Jimmy Iovine), we've reached the point of no return.  When Randy Newman was asked backstage at the Oscars on Sunday about breaking into the music business, he responded:  “Who would want to break into it? It’s like a bank that’s already been robbed.”

Who will save the music industry?  The answer is in the hands of the artists - they are truly our last best hope.  No matter how we will consume your music in the future (streaming?  subscription model?), rest assured that we will consume it.  We live for it.  Music is the soundtrack to our lives.  It can make a heartbreak easier, a good day even better -  we simply cannot live without it.

We all need something to believe in - and I believe that music is at the heart of all great art.

PS - I hope you Brits are following the tornado of awesome that is Charlie Sheen.  It's on the radio here 24/7 - it's so fantastic I can't stand it.  It's like a gift that keeps on giving.

Bring it.

Until next time,

Coco x