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Lousy Lyrics in the Lol Generation

  • By TheMiserableBlogger
  • 19 October 2011




This is my first ever blog. I'm just going to moan for your enjoyment on a daily basis about life in the "lol generation" as I like to call it. Unfortunately, I have been born into this generation. I'm not one of these "fuck Justin Bieber and give us Kurt Cobain" nobheads, because they piss me off just as much as the "beliebers" or whatever they call themselves. I'm just a moaner. Plain and simple. But as far as I'm concerned, it's completely justified moaning. We have kids pushing prams, rolemodels singing about whips and chains, politicians that don't know their arse from their elbow and a nation that live for The X Factor. Well, forget about The X Factor, this blog is The M Factor.

My first moan will be about music and how it has changed over the years, and subsequently, the effect on the youth of the nation it has had.

I'll take you back to the 26th of August 1963. The March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom took place in Washington, D.C. Attended by some 250,000 people. Bob Dylan sang the song "Only A Pawn In Their Game", a song written about the assassination of civil rights activist Medgar Evers. Somewhat controversially suggesting that the killer may not solely be to blame for the killing of Medgar Evers, but rather that he was an instrument of a racial mindset that was prevelant at that time. The song contained lyrics such as:

A South politician preaches to the poor white man
“You got more than the blacks, don’t complain.
You’re better than them, you been born with white skin,” they explain.
And the Negro’s name
Is used it is plain
For the politician’s gain
As he rises to fame
And the poor white remains
On the caboose of the train
But it ain’t him to blame
He’s only a pawn in their game

Compare them to an example from a mainstream musician today, Rhianna's:

Come on rude boy, boy
Can you get it up
Come here rude boy, boy
Is you big enough
Take it, take it
Baby, baby
Take it, take it
Love me, love me

What the fuck is this? It's shit. That's what it is. A song about sex. I could sit here and quote you lyrics from many, many artists nowadays that make sex glamourous and appealing to their fans but I won't, because I'll end up getting so pissed off that I smash my lovely laptop, and nobody wants that. I wouldn't be too bothered about if their fan base wasn't 8-19 year old girls. These young girls are much more likely to engage in sexual activity before they're 20 when they're exposed to this garbage. Then what do we have? Another pregnant 17 year old single mother, drinking lambrini and threatening the young chap that got them pregnant that they'll get their uncle to kick the shit out of them if they don't provide £10 a week for nappies, baby food, cigarettes and cheap cider.

This is not just a rant about young ladies, this applies to young men too. Rappers about bitches and hoes. Young kids stabbing each other because of this "gangster" mentality that is so very cool nowadays.

Just a few months ago, the country was shook by riots. Young people mercilessly looting their own neighborhoods, their own local shops, their own neighbors, and nobody knew why. It just happened. I heard one youngster saying they were doing it because "we want our taxes back", another because "there are no jobs around here, innit"....I don't doubt that these were just excuses for the thugs to try and get themselves a new plasma TV. But when something like this happens, questions need to be asked. What made these people riot? What makes a 14 year old want to have unprotected sex? What makes a 15 year old stab another because of a £50 cannabis debt? I don't know the answer to these questions, maybe it's blowing in the wind (pardon the shit pun).

What I do know is that their role models - The singers, the footballers, the celebrities could all do something, not just the politicians to change the mindset of the youth. Be positive influences, teach the young to stand up for what is right, in the right way. Not staggering out of a nightclub flashing their fanny for the flocking media.

I have no idea where this rant has gone, it was supposed to be funny to start with. But I have said the word "fanny" so it must be a bit funny. Change can be had, people can be heard. But it has to be done in the right way. The Lol Generation need a spearhead if they want change, and Lady Fucking Gaga and her love for "Disco Sticks" (cocks) is certainly, certainly not that.

So, Spearhead of this Lol Generation, wherever you may be, I thought I'd give you a helping hand in writing the relevant music this generation desperately needs. I like to call this

"Facebook Shmacebook":

Facebook, Shmacebook,
If I had this many slags poking me in real life I'd need a can of Macebook.
Liebook, Crybook,
I'll even post on my status telling the world I have an STIbook,
Crankbook, Wankbook,
Stay away from my boyfriend you smelly Skankbook,
Fuckbook, Cookbook,
Flashing your tits on your profile picture so boys will Lookbook,
Likebook, Dykebook,
Ridden more times than a mountain Bikebook,
Fuckmylifebook, Fuckmywifebook,
Stabbing your ex in the back with a status Knifebook,
Post a picture of my Teabook,
Facebook is no longer Freebook,
All of your fucking statuses are making me want to go on one massive killing Spreebook.