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Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

  • By Shiva9493 Author Avatar
  • 8 July 2012

Due to the gloomy rain on the weekend, what better way to endure the bi-polar weather than by listening to the very best of Alternative Hip-Hop? Contuining from my previous Macklemore & Ryan Lewis post, I want to post up another gem from the artists that I personally adore and you may too!

The track is called "Fallin" which is featued on Macklemores mixtape called "The Unplanned Mixtape". The soft drums & the soothing acoustic guitar gives us an instant impression that this is going to be a very personal track and evidently, it is. 

Due to an uneasy break up, he is suffering from depressing and the song hints that it isn't the first time either. The already uneasy situations leads to him using drugs, alcohol & self harm in order for him to easy his pain with a sense of no direction in life. Throughout the song there is a contemplation of ending his life to prevent him from any misery.

The hook is sung by Macklemore (Extremely rare you find him singing hooks) and it echo's the depression he is suffering.

"I keep fallin, fallin, I keep fallin down the rain,

Keeps pourin, keeps pourin, I don't know if I can get up today"

Be sure to check it out!