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Mighty Moustached Musicians

  • By MisterCharlie Author Avatar
  • 24 November 2011

Movember, and mighty men across the country are growing moustaches, goatees and full blown beards in order to raise awareness and funds for men health. OK, so now we’re more than half way in you may have begun to realise that you look a bit silly, that not everyone can pull off the Justin Timberlake stubble, or gosh darn it all, you just miss having that fresh Beiber face. Don’t give up! Only one week to go, and you’ll have a full fledged beard - you’ll become fashionable in that rugged, I don’t care about fashion way. Or you’ll look like a filthy tramp. Remember though, austerity Britain, a beard also has practical benefits, yep, it’s an inexpensive way to warm your face.

To give you some moustache inspiration and just generally because it’s fun here is a list of five musicians that owe everything to their bristly face.

The Motown Moustache

The Motown soul sounds seems to literally ooze from Lionel Richie’s ‘tache. Throughout his four decade long career his moustache has grown and spread ‘cross his face, evolving and yet remaining relevant, just like his music. Beautiful.  


The Beard of a Boss

Nothing says gangster like having a beard (and belly) to rival Santa. Rick Ross, real name William Leonard Roberts II, literally owes his reputation as one of the globes hottest rappers to his impressive chin hair. As a clean shaven man Mr Ross worked as a law correctional officer. Dull. One genius sprout of facial hair later and he was able to completely change his identity, fabricating a past of ludicrous drug dealing gang banging shenanigans - and raking in a fortune rapping about it. Unfortunately the beard didn’t fool everyone and Ross, after much denial, made the reputation destroying admission that in his beardless days he was indeed a total wuss.



Mercury’s Moustache

Freddie Mercury’s moustache, being above the mouth of one of the greatest singers in British history, certainly got a lot of attention. Throughout polls Freddie Mercury is considered as one of the greatest all time entertainers, his bristles have influenced some of the greatest characters of the 21st century... Borat anyone?



Devil Goatee

When your facial hair looks like it can leave stab wounds, you aren’t going to be messed with. For example:  Slayer lead guitarist Kerry King. Being the co-founder of the band responsible for thrash metal, you’re gonna need a mean image and what better way to scare your listeners than to grow a goatee to rival the devil? King’s chin is an example to all; a bald head can be compensated by a lengthy beard, even if it does have a ginger hue.



The Lennon

If the Satanist look isn’t for you, you can always do a John Lennon, and match long hair with facial fuzz to resemble some sort of musical messiah. Peace activist, musical genius and vicious tongued scouser, he sure did a good job creating a mystical air of holiness via his face. Apparently, all you need is love. And a beard comb.