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Music Videos of 2012

  • By MisterCharlie Author Avatar
  • 15 November 2012

       2012 has been a strong year for music videos. Cheaper technology and the ability to disseminate product without passing through traditional channels is still changing the face of the form, and the year has seen hordes of new directors trying to make their mark. There's been a welcome return to storytelling, and all our favourite clips this year have had some sort of narrative running through, with many proving that you don't need a big budget to create a great film. Whilst there have been some impressive mega bucks efforts, you’ve seen them all a million times- this list isn’t going to have room for any of Nicki Minaj’s glossy sci fi fantasies, amazing though they may be.  As ever narrowing down a list to 10 choices means that plenty gets left out, please let us know what we’ve forgotten in the comments below...

So, from 10 to 1...


Moon Duo – Sleepwalker

As though Eric Prydz woke from a beautiful dream to a bingo winged nightmare, the Sleepwalker video shows the saggy arsed truth of gym classes. We can’t work out why Moon Duo decided to use it to illustrate their psychedelic kraut rock because the two make literally zero sense together. But we like, so what the heck.


Blood Orange – Champagne Coast

Champagne Coast is set in a dreamy 2D computerised world, with a languid retro futurism that feels like a deeply unsettling dating website, circa 1998. It’s compulsive and watchable, and effortlessly sucks you into its strange little world.


Moones – Better Energy

This recent effort from Moones makes shipwreck look cuter than Andrex puppies. We’ve never seen a monster octopus tentacle look so cuddly and we want every video the band (or indeed any band) make from now on in to be set in the same magical, half animated world. Or else.



Jack White – Sixteen  Saltines


Crazed kids committing heinous acts with out so much as a by your leave. What’s not to love? It’s like Lord of the Flies put on a cheerleading outfit and went buckwild in Smalltown USA. Plus it’s got a kid with some sort of flame powered skate board which is officially cooler than everything I can think of.


DJ Q – All Junglist

This video just looks like good honest fun. Director Jasper Delamothe got a load of his gurning rave munter mates together, gave them face melting doses of Nitrous Oxide (and God knows what else) and had a big old smash out in the woods. The last time I went to a party like this I woke up in a pool of someone else’s wee. That doesn’t make me not want to be there again btw. Ardcore 4 life, me.


Liars – No 1 Against the Rush

To accompany their immense single, Liars delivered a genuinely creepy video, with the band getting kidnapped by a seemingly mild mannered stalker freak. The end result is a cross between The Vanishing and Falling Down, and has a great twist at the end, leading us to ask: Why don’t more videos have a great twist at the end? Huh?


Clock Opera – Lesson No 7

It’s every indie bed wetters dream; going all out Rambo on the bastards who laugh at their floppy hair. Rather than remaining a triumphant fantasy however, the video to Lesson No 7 takes it’s violent heroes actions to their inevitable, cautionary tale conclusion. A million indie kids decided it was best not to pick up that crowbar.


Kindness – Gee Up

Adam Bainbridge remixed his original 2 year old video of Gee Up into a post modern comment on arty video direction, ridiculous record executives, and stoopid hipsters. It’s to his eternal credit that the end result wasn’t a mish mash of trendy arse, but instead funny as the sharpest episode of Seinfeld. Give that man a sitcom.


Rudimental – Feel the Love

Proof that the simple ideas are often the best, this video takes a short question: what would it be like to ride horses in the ghetto? …and makes it truly majestic. I’m still holding out for some Black Beauty antics on the estate opposite my flat, but it seems the craze hasn’t quite got beyond the clicking a thumbs up on youtube stage just yet.


Alt-J – Breezeblocks

Taking cues from the reverse thriller Momento, Ellis Bahl’s riveting video of domestic strife begs repeated viewing. Opening with a murder and winding back time, each event leaves you desperate to know what preceded it. It’s a near perfect display of telling a story with a limited budget and 3 and a half minutes , and our favourite video of the year…