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8 Naff Films With Amazing Theme Songs

  • By AndyVale
  • 5 April 2013

The release of the theme tune is an important part in a film's promotional cycle. It drops a few weeks before the film is seen by the general public and builds anticipation. If you like the song, you'll probably like the film... you assume.

If it's The Wrestler or Crazy Heart then a masterful theme song will lead you on to a exquisite film. But sometimes after hearing a cracking song you're bang-up for a grand cinematic experience, yet you end up watching a massive exploding pile of Krakatoarse.

Today we celebrate those tunes that were far superior to their underwhelming parent films.

Feel free to add any that we've missed in the comments below.

Wild Wild West

I don't think I've ever known such a good song for such a bad film. This song was why I started making this list.

Men In Black II

There are worse alien films out there, and there are worse Will Smith films out there (like WWW). But this was a bit of a let down after the first one. Yet the ballin' theme tune thundered around the school canteen on a regular basis in Year 9. Will Smith was probably the biggest Hip-Hop artist on the planet besides Eminem around this time. Wow.

Godzilla (1998)

I could say some really horrible things about this film. Most of them have already been said, but the crushing fight between the original Godzilla and this film's (called Zilla) that lasted less than 15 seconds says a lot about the subterranially low level of esteem it's held in. But the soundtrack album was genuinely pretty strong. It featured RATM, Foo Fighters and Jimmy Page's weirdly cool duet with Puff Daddy. It also had this number, which gave Jamiroquai their first and only number 1.

Lost In Space

This was supposed to be the film that broke Matt Le Blanc as a big name Hollywood star. He had a big role in big budget sci-fi re-boot of a popular 60s TV show. Unfortunately it was later panned as "the dumbest and least imaginative adaptation of a television series yet translated to the screen." A planned sequel was scrapped and Le Blanc has largely been a TV actor since then. But the theme tune by Liverpool's Apollo 440 was an exciting slab of electro-Rock that deserved a far better film.


There have definitely been worse films than Armageddon, and I would hesitate before calling it Naff. But can you imagine a world where people still remember this film without one of history's greatest power ballad's being attached to it?


This is what happens when nobody says "no" to a star's demands and whims. Moonwalker is terrible. The first half of the film is a mish-mash of videos that are either glamourising Michael to the level of a demi-God, or complaining about how much attention he gets. All without the slightest hint of irony. Then there is the laughably thin plot of the film that follows. The villain wants to get all of the kids in the world on drugs because... EVIL. He has a giant evil gun because... DRUGS. Michael Jackson invites a group of someone else's kids out at night to meet him in an abandoned nightclub because... LET'S NOT GO THERE. But when he took some time to do what he's good at, it made one of the most iconic 10 minutes in Pop history...

Toy Story

The famous story of Andy and his toys was one of the worst... nah, I'm just messin' wit' u. This film is awesome, but I wanted an excuse to put this warming song in.

Buddy's Song

Anyone else remember this film starring Roger Daltrey and Chesney Hawkes? The 1991 film has yet to be released on DVD and it's unlikely that Hawkes has been inundated with film offers since. But it did spawn the number-1 hit 'The One And Only'. It may not be the most cool song to admit liking, but to resist belting out this chorus is to actively ruin your time on this planet.

Oh wasn't all that lovely?

If we missed out your favourite then tell the entire world how much better your taste is than everyone else's. Leave your suggestion below.