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San Cisco

  • By MisterCharlie Author Avatar
  • 23 January 2013


Antipodean upstarts San Cisco have enchanted us with new single Wild Things, a wonky indie pop classic that features the best bit of whistling we’ve heard since Peter, Bjorn and John pursed lips on Young Folks.  Coming with a Lord of the Flies indebted video that veers between the shocking and the comic (and ends with the band getting burnt to death) it seems the four young friends are determined to make the world take note. They’ve currently packed up their lives into tiny suitcases, and are getting set for 3 months of steady touring. Kicking off by supporting The Vaccines across the States, they then jump onto the Darwin Deez shows in Germany and France, before finally headlining a run of  UK gigs through March. We tracked down songwriter Josh Biondillo for a quick Q&A before they disappeared into megatour oblivion...

Who came up with the video concept for Wild Things? What was it like filming the dousing/burning hijinks?

With the film clip for Wild Things we pretty much left it in the hands of the director which was kind of weird as we usually are pretty hands on with our film clips.  

Is it true the videos been banned in Australia? And if it is, what d'you think of that?

Did it?! I had no idea. I guess Australian television does have pretty silly ideas of what is good and what is bad sometimes!

Your heading off on a lot of tour dates - who's got the worst habits on the road? And have you got any rituals to pass the time?

Well, Nick showers once every few days, which is probably one of the reasons anyone straight out refuses to share a room with him. To pass the time we tend to watch a lot of television series. I think Breaking Bad is the flavour of the Month.

Anywhere you're looking forward to going to particularly? 

New York is always a buzz. We have a few days off there when we land which will be a great chance to go and soak it up. But I guess it will also be good to see the rest of the U.S as well!

What do you think you'll miss most about home?

I don't really get home sick. I miss my studio. Or the ability to go to a place and write and record music.

Do you think knowing each other for so long has made a big difference to the way the band works? 

Yeah definitely. You learn where peoples thresholds are and which buttons you can and can’t press :)

How do you go about writing the songs? Is it like one person has an idea and tells the rest, or more collaborative?

Well recently on our time off, I have spent a lot of time writing and recording. But usually it will either be me or Jordi who comes to the band with a song and we will work it from there.

Any big plans we should know about?

Pretty much just this massive tour that is going to be consuming most of our time for the next 3 months!

And finally, crucially, if you were suddenly cursed by a vengeful spirit, would you rather the curse was to: 

a) never be able to see the colours green or red ? 

b) never be able to hear words containing the letter 'e' ?

c) never be able to open your mouth without a small pebble falling out ? 

Haha! I guess C wouldn't be so bad after a while. Pretty strange though. Could be a good/annoying party trick....

Find out more on the band's facebook, and catch San Cisco play England on the following dates:


Sat 02                         Temple                       Birmingham               www.kililive.com / £7

Sun 03                        Arts School                Glasgow                     www.gigsinscotland.com / £7

Mon 04                       Night & Day                Manchester                www.gigsandtours.com / £7

Tue 05                        Green Door Store      Brighton                      www.seetickets.com / £7

Wed 06                       Hoxton Bar & Kitchen London                        www.kililive.com / £8



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