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New Band of the Week: Elijah MC

  • By Stratitude1 Author Avatar
  • 19 April 2012

Our latest band of the week is in fact not a band but a Dubstep/Reggae solo artist ELIJAH MC! He is a unique talent who creates dubwise tracks using just the sound of his own voice!

We managed to catch up with the Brighton based loop master last week… Listen below to the superb ‘Catch my flow’ then check read on as Elijah MC chats everything that is music exclusively with Supajam…

SJ: Elijah MC – talk us behind the name choice?

EMC: “According to the books of kings, Elijah was a prophet to the people. I’m not for one moment suggesting that I am a prophet nor that I subscribe to any religious belief, however, it challenges me to concern my music with things of an extraordinary nature.

SJ: How would you best describe your sound?

EMC: “Don’t want to sound cliché here but it actually is tough to categorise. I find influences in everything I hear. The beats usually stem from dubstep/drum and bass/reggae. The vocal melodies are heavily influenced from that 70’s reggae melody with a splash of Cypress Hill. Steel Pulse and Mighty Diamonds really ignite the harmonies for me. On top of that the chats or raps stem from drum and bass MC’s and ragga/dancehall toasters. I’ve had people make reference to ‘Chillstep’ and ‘Dubwise’. I’m not up on all the latest names for things.”

SJ: You used to be a singer/songwriter in a band why the change?

EMC: “My goal has always been to put out what I’d like to hear. This has been an endless search of trial and error.”

SJ: You say ‘Deep within the belly of every man lies a bassline? How did you find yours?

EMC: “I just play around with different ideas. The ones that resonate with me, I keep, the ones that don’t get left behind. That’s the process.

I watched a youtube video while back called ‘every things a remix’ it looks into the sources for inspiration. I highly recommend you check it out. The video talks of how nothing is done by a stroke of magic.”

SJ: We are in love with ‘Catch My Flow’ in the office, talk us through the song…

EMC: “With songs they mean a whole host of things. What it means to me could mean something completely different to someone else.  Catch my flow invites the listener to unite with the fellow man. There are too many things in this world that bring division. Application forms are a very clear example of this. When people say I’m an atheist or I’m a monk. Or I’m rich or I’m poor, I’m educated, I’m uneducated. You subscribe to a position that brings division. There a hundreds or ways to create division and only a few things in life that are universal. ‘Catch My Flow’ is about focusing on the things that unify us. Accepting the things that don’t. Working together for a positive future, in humility.”

SJ: You were a finalist in 2012’s UK Beat Box Loop Station World Championship how was that?

EMC: “It was great. Loved chatting with the techy’s about the features. Also, the community of entrants are great; everyone is really supportive at the boss UK headquarters.”

SJ: What has been your career highlight to date?

EMC: “That’s a good question, I have no idea! I think I just really love the business. The music community in general wither it be promoters, sound guys, collaborations, labels, magazines, radio, everyone loves what they do and love to support what they love. It’s an ongoing highlight. Every time someone shares the videos or tweets or comments it’s a new highlight. Its especially nice to be able to reflect appreciation and show support for some of the other musicians re-tweeting other peoples tweets or whatever.

I’m a very lucky man to be doing what I’m doing. There are some real tough times but the rewards are great.”

SJ: In August you will be performing at the UKs biggest Reggae Festival… One Love Festival? How does that feel?

EMC: “It’s great working with One Love Festival. They are an incredible team. Anywhere I find some reggae, I’m home. Good people, great message. They’ve been very good to me over the years. Can’t fault them.”

SJ: If you could perform alongside with anyone alive or dead who would it be and why?

EMC: “Would have to be the dread at the controls Mikey Dread (1954-2008) I’d zap him out of 1979 and bring him to this time with all our technology and jam the controls.”

SJ: What’s next?

EMC: “Well I’m pretty hungry now so I think I’ll grab a sandwich. There is an Elijah MC app on its way for both IOS and Android. Keep an eye out for Elijah MC at the festivals around the UK”

SJ: Finally, here at Supajam we are all about unsigned & emerging acts… what would your best piece of advice be for an aspiring musician?

EMC: “Never be bitter with someone else’s success. It spreads in your heart like a cancer and will seriously hinder your progress.”

Wow what an awesome chat with a amazing talent, if you want to hear more about Elijah MC -

Visit www.elijahmc.co.uk , follow @ElijahMC , like www.facebook.com/elijahmc

He has lots of live dates coming up so make sure you catch him live:

We’ll leave you with Elijah MC’s immense cover of The Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams… Enjoy



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