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Peaking Lights

  • By MisterCharlie Author Avatar
  • 7 June 2012


Peaking Lights arehusband and wife duo Aaron Coyes and Indra Dunis


Wisconsin via San Francisco


Peaking Lights make a blissfully stoned, rumbling dub pop, with the booming basslines a solid warm glob pulsing at the heart of drifting chords, dreamy vocals and flickering electronic signals. On second album, their 2011 breakthrough 936, Indra whispers tales of magic and nature over tape hiss and echo, and the band sound like their keyboard’s circuit boards are carved from wood, moss and fairy dope. Peaking Lights aren’t shy of being accused of being hippies—yes they believe in aliens, yes they’re into numerology (as they explain slightly erratically in this interview), and yes they like to get down with practicing mysticism. The fact that they back up all the beardy sandal chat with such effortlessly heady music makes their hippy lifestyle seem less an anachronism, more a calling. Third album Lucifer is set for release later on this month- describing the decision behind the title the band say

"“Lucifer sat so strong with us. It means ‘Venus, bearer of light’ and is the first sign of the sunrise. There are some major astrological and astronomical events involving Venus in this year of 2012.”"

As we said; hippies.

They’re currently touring Europe and if your quick you can catch them in Nottingham tomorrow (June 8th). Their live shows are head bobbing, jam outs, pre-wired wth a golden glow, and apparently have been getting all the finer the longer the tour has been going on.


Cosmic dub, Chillwave, Hash cakes


You want to hear something? Here's some tracks from 936:


And here's an interview with the band, cut with a little live footage:


Find out more on the Peaking Lights website



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