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Prediction time! What we think will happen 5/11/12

  • By MisterCharlie Author Avatar
  • 5 November 2012

OK, so here’s a new thing we’re going to try on SupaJam—we know that a million and one music websites will give you a round up of the week that’s just been, which is all well and good. However we’ve decided to multiply our chance of looking like idiots by about a thousand, by trying to predict what’s going to happen in advance. Mystic Mug if you will. You’ll be able to check in every Monday to see where we were right, where we were wrong, and just what the heck we think is going to happen next. What’s more we want to know what you think—we’re going to be posting the list of new releases, and we want to know which you think will do best in the charts, and which is going to tank worse than Rylan’s post X Factor career. (Whoops!, started predictin’ already…)  

Someone stop him, please...

Here we go. This week sees new releases from Crystal Castles, Rolo Tomassi, Ultraista, Robbie Williams, JLS and Aerosmith. We’re pretty certain that the simpletons of JLS are going to head straight to the top with their album and we may get hated on for saying this, but their current single Hottest Girl in the World is the kinda pop that we loved when Justin Timberlake made it- honestly as a piece of ultra-manufactured plastic RnB it’s a cute lil’ bundle of fun. I'm even going to post it up here to put my money where my mouth is:


Robbie Williams has been kept off the Radio 1 play list, but we’re pretty sure that Radio 2 will be more than happy to give him a few spins, so he should flog at least a few discs. This was the man, after all, who sold the most tickets ever to his Knebworth shows. His fanbase is knocking on a bit, but crucially, these people still buy CDs. Same goes for Aerosmith, although who really in the UK gives a toss about them bring out more product? Thanks Steve, but we’ve already got the aging lips of a Jagger comeback to deal with. You boys just don’t compete. You’d think that Crystal Castles would soar to the top with their 3rd effort, but the fact is they’re gonna be pirated beyond belief. I will be amazed if all the tracks from (III) aren’t posted on youtube by the end of tomorrow.  I am fairly certain though that it'll be the most critically feted work of the week. Here's a blast of one of the tracks.


The other two acts are a little too niche, although both could potentially produce great albums, and the Nigel Godriche produced Ultraista may spring a surprise chart assault.. Still, without predicting actual places, we think the chart order next Sunday will look a-something like this


Robbie Williams

Crystal Castles



Rolo Tomassi

Of course there's another big race going on this week, the battle to see who will control the good ol' US of A. We predict that Bruce Springsteen will sing another Obama song whatever the hell happens, but realistically, and whatever you may think of him, Barack's gonna take it. He pretty much smashed it with his Super Storm compassion show, and it looks like the cold, reptilian eyes of Mitt Romney are gonna have to get back to gazing at balance sheets of companies he's systematically destroying, which, if we're honest, is where he's happiest. Of course we could be waaaaay off the mark, feel free to tell us we're morons, we've forgotten something massive that's definitely happening or that conspiracy nut Alex Jones is actually gonna take the American elections in a surprise popular vote....

And if you haven't seen it yet, here's Obama and Romney covering Jay-Z via the magic of the internets...