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Rebecca Black, Watch Your Back !

  • By Greta Aherne
  • 18 March 2011

Rebecca Black watch your back! It seems that there are more people recording three or four lines and then repeating them for 3.30 minutes.

Viral Public, please meet your new Queen, 12 yr. old Jenna Rose! She's apparently an actress as well as a "singer".  In fairness to Jenna, she has been around longer that Miss Black has but seriously what the hell is going on with AMERICA! I know that since the Hanna Freaking Montana hit the airwaves, it's now the most overused seedy money maker. But when will it ever stop.

If you are of a weak disposition or appreciate real music, please don't watch this video !

I mean seriously it has everything, instead of being slightly peodophilic in having an adult male rapper, they've been genius and have a child rapper. Poor Little Bow Wow, he's probably glad he's grown up and gotten out of the game with this competition!

But how many names does Jenna have to drop about who she knows, that like her to wear the EXACT same jeans. What will she be selling next? Will it be shoes, tops, swimwear, accessories? The possibilites are endless.

I personally would like her to join up with Team Sheen! Forget Team Ark or even Timberland and Diddy. Sheen as music mogal and mentor, it's what the world is crying out for.