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Rebecca Black, you make Bieber look good !

  • By Greta Aherne
  • 15 March 2011

Whilst great bands all over the world are struggling to get record deals, record industry CEO's have decided to spend their money on Rebecca Black. I'm sure you've all watched the prepubescent, auto tuned, helium laced video for her single "Friday". If not check it out here;


The lyrics are so, so redundant and repetitive and it really makes me wonder if she's just a robot programmed to say the same few lines;

 "Its Friday, Friday, Friday"


Kickin’ in the front seat,
Sittin’ in the back seat,
gotta make my mind up,
which seat can I take?"

They've added in a rapper to try and make her seem cool and street. He's possibly treating her to his wealth of knowledge on hustlin', hooch or maybe he's helping her with her algebra between takes. Who knows !

Oh and I think these are my favorite lyrics from this "typical" American 13 year old girl.

Partyin’, partyin’ (Yeah)
Partyin’, partyin’ (Yeah)
Fun, fun, fun, fun
Lookin’ forward to the weekend

Someone please tell me why ! Why have we suddenly been hit with the new improved, super irritating generation of Bieber's, Gomez's, Jo Bro's! I know that for record labels they're a cash cow but do we really need to influence today's already impressionable generations with this teeny bopping, pathetic waste of space actually thought of as music (by some)!

Why Usher, why did you have to "mentor" that Justin!


I need somebody,
I-I need somebody,
I need somebody,
I-I need somebody.
(Somebody to loooove, somebody to looove.)
I just need somebody to love.

Now everyone thinks they can churn out these million dollar talentless  drones.

I never thought anything would actually make me think, that Bieber wasn't the worst export from Canada / North America! But by god Rebecca Black you've done it. You're now on my most wanted for crimes against music and man kind !

It seems most of the world agrees with me too ! Sorry please don't cry, just go bowling and paint your nails with your friends as that's what you should be doing at 13 !