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Sheen and The Bad Behaviour Band

  • By Greta Aherne
  • 7 March 2011

By now you've all been exposed to the random ramblings, of the ever entertaining Charlie Sheen. If you haven't, where the hell have you been! Personal destruction has never been more egotistical and hilarious, whilst still alluding to not having done anything wrong. Charlie thinks that Charlie is fine, so why all the hype? I'm not going to bore you with all the Sheenisms and the time line of his self destruction, instead I am going to pose you a question; If Charlie Sheen was in a rock band, who'd be in the band and why?

I've been thinking about this and I think I've come up with my band, plus the beginning of his entourage. So he we go !



Charlie Sheen - Kick Ass Tambourinist. A rebel who doesn't follow anyones rules. He lives for himself and then the moment. He contributes to the band when he feels like it but they don't have to rely on him turning up on time.

Axl Rose -  Vocals. Do I really need to say anymore? (He's on his own planet and even if he doesn't hit the beers and drugs at the same rate, they've made their mark. Plus his unpredictable, irrational behaviour will add to a nice rivalry with Charlie)

Richie Sambora - Guitar. He's done drugs, he's done booze, he's done Heather and he's done Denise (Charlie's ex wife). He has an inflated ego but manages to hide all the signs of someone about to break until the last minute. Unlike Sheen, you won't have the violent behaviour with Sambora, so the band are more likely to keep their morality rate slightly lower.

Nikki Sixx - Bass. He may seem like he's got his act together in more recent years. But maybe going on tour with this lot, will help him get over the fact that Kat Von D is engaged to slime ball Jesse James. It may even push him over the edge and back to how we all like to think of him back in the Crüe days! I think it will take a lot to break him but if anyone can do it, it will be the Sheenenator.

Last but definitely worth waiting for, is our drummer!

Tommy Lee - Drums.Yes it had to be Tommy, no one has done it all Like Tommy. Men want to be him, women want him. Not even pesky Hepatitis C has put people off, maybe because he reportedly caught it from a tattoo needle. But on a serious note, Tommy is a legend like no other and who better to anchor and keep this band on their path into the history books of bad boys and bands than him !

Now for the entourage, I know you can hardly wait!

Bobby Brown - Manager / Supplier. Now Mr Brown has had a diverse history within the music industry. He's supplied and denied to some of the biggest names, including his own. He's forged an interesting movie career, if it can be called that. I would call anyone crazy if they didn't agree with me about how trustworthy he is and how he'll definitely keep the boys on the straight and narrow!

Dog The Bounty Hunter - Security / Get Away Driver / Alibi. He's been to Texas and not because everything is supposedly bigger there. He did time, hard time. He turned his frown upside down when he found religion in lock up and now catches them bad boys on the run, from their warrants or skipping out on bail. But do we truly believe the Dog has changed all his ways? Maybe, maybe not, but one thing I know is that I'd want to be on his good side. He's a bit like santa, you don't want to find out what's gonna happen if you get on his naughty list!

Hugh Hefner - Meet and Greet coordinator / Party Planner. Bobby will bring the drugs if anyone's forgotten theirs, but Hugh will bring the women and you better believe he'll bring a variety. His rolodex has everything you need for a good time! But just don't touch the blondes, they're his!

I did toy with the idea of Ozzy being the lead signer. But really, we don't want Charlie to think he's going to be as lucky as Ozzy in the mortality rates?

The good news for Charlie is that, although he's burnt the bridge to mediocre comedy sitcom, he has so many other avenues to channel his energy! I'm sure a reality show will be shopped his way but to go out on the road sure looks like a good use of downtime to mw. Plus he knows that the women will travel with him and don't have a problem sharing !

So come on, who would you put him in a group with? Would it be a rock group, a ganstra rap group................... I think we can all agree the possibilities are endless!