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SupaJam interview Maia

  • By Art. Author Avatar
  • 13 May 2013


We caught up with longtime favourites of ours, Maia, for an interview in the light of their terrific sophomore record, Pepper Stars. 
What sentiment were you trying to convey in Pepper Stars? 

The feeling of youthful promises and galactic disappointments. 

 In terms of your lifeline as a band, what does this record mean to you?
 It's a refinement of the sound we cultivated on the debut album. It 
also represents a shift to more "pop" orientated melodies and song 
structures, while keeping the strange Maia whatever-it-is intact. 

 What was the writing process and how easily did the songs come? 

 Tom writes the songs on acoustic guitar, before they are abducted by 
trumpet and cajon-wielding bandits and given the full sci-fi 

Do you have a favourite moment on the album? 
The outro of the title track 'Pepper Stars' has a lovely atmosphere, 
if I may say so. 

What is Living In The Alligator about? 

 I [Tom] was at the London Science Museum and upstairs is an old iron 
lung from the fifties or sixties; a frightening contraption indeed. 
The museum had it captioned 'Living in the Alligator.'  

Do you enjoy touring? 

 Yes, especially as our live show improves. A great gig for us is high 
on crowd participation and between-band banter on all subjects far and 

What gets played when you're on the road? 

 In the van CD player? Recently it's The Staves debut album, the new 
Laish album and The Ramones. 

What are your plans for the future? 

 We are recording a new single this month which will be out later in 
the summer. Live wise, our festival calendar is looking pretty full. 
It's the first time at Glastonbury for us, too. Check the Maia website 
for details on when and where to find us.