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SupaJam interviews Labrinth

  • By Lizziev
  • 9 September 2012

 Whilst checking out some serious tunes at G-Fest we were lucky enough to bag the opportunity for a cheeky little interview with Labrinth. Tucked away backstage were a series of small rooms where we were led to speak to the man himself. Chilling out on a cosy leather sofa with tables laden with beer and grub, Labrinth welcomed us in. He was calm, cool, collected and ready to answer all of our questions. He charmed us with his smile, his obvious passion and enthusiasm for his art, and his amazing wide brimmed hat! So here they are, questions and answers from the oh so lovely Labrinth.


What made you decide to embark on a career in the music industry?

I grew up in music since a young age, so it would have been odd if I didn’t choose it as my craft. But I think music comes before my career, because it wasn’t something I had to choose to do, it was just all around me.

Whilst we are on that topic, you grew up with American gospel music playing a lot. How do you think other genres have had an influence on your music?

Gospel isn’t the only music that’s inspired me, I was probably quite sick of it by the time I was around 15. The one good thing about gospel is that it incorporates so many different styles. Well mainly in the live music side. By the time you get out there and experience different sounds they’re not unfamiliar to you. When I started listening to rock bands and indie bands I could understand it.

Do you have any advice for musicians and producers that are stepping into the music industry for the first time?

Don’t let anybody tell you that you cant do it your way and be successful because that is a lie. Also I think have fun and make sure you’re happy. That’s my big thing, don’t pursue money and fame, pursue happiness man! Because you’re not going to get anywhere with just money.

That’s nice! So who is your biggest musical influence and why?

I think my family you know? Because I have nine brothers and sisters, and they’re all singers and musicians and stuff like that. So when I was growing up people were bringing home Jazz, Pop, Rock, everything! I think they were my biggest inspiration. I mean even now when I’m writing I’m always thinking of my brothers and sisters.

If you could only take one track with you to a desert island what would it be?

A desert Island? Ooo!! I was listening to a track today called In Africa by Toto. I think I could listen to that a few times. But I don’t know, you get sick of any song if you listen to it too much.

Which artists do you take your inspiration from?

I think anyone. There are so many people I’ve been listening to, and even if I don’t notice they might inspire ideas. So I remember listening to Little Dragon not too long ago, Foo Fighters, Radiohead. So there are so many different bands I might hear in passing and think yeh, shit. Maybe I need to use some of that in the studio!

If you could collaborate with anyone who would it be?

I think myself. The reason why I say that is I spent a lot of my career collaborating with other artists. Maybe I need to do more me time.

Ok, So you’re known for your producing as well as your songwriting. So do you have an album that you find inspiration with regards to the production techniques?

Oh yeh there are many albums! Ok Computer by Radiohead is an amazingly produced album. Justice the French dance band, they have amazing production. D’Angelos Voodoo album has great production. It’s so warm and that’s something I’ve always wanted to achieve musically. So I think I’m going to move in that direction soon.

So would you say production is equally important to you in your songs as the songwriting?

Yeh it’s extremely important. When I was making my album I spent a lot of time on the production. I think that it’s as much of an experience for people as the songwriting is. I think that songwriting is more important than production in terms of an artist. Because when you listen to an artist you want to hear their story more than what notes they can play. But I think it is equally as important creatively.

And can you name for us SupaJammers your top 5 current artists?

Woo that’s a hard one. I would say Lady Leshurr a new MC coming up at the moment.. Wretch 32. Hudson Mohawk has recently been delivering and Emergency room. And I also really like Etta Bond and Raf Riley.

We were sad to have to leave after the interview as he was just such a nice guy. Thanks Labrinth!