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SupaJam’s Sounds of Summer

  • By JuliaKisray Author Avatar
  • 20 June 2012

Starting last week and continuing for another three, SupaJam brings you a weekly selection of five tracks, some classics and some newer releases, all in preparation for the summer of 2012. Each week, we’ll be focusing on a different blend of genres so hopefully there’s something to suit even the most acquired of tastes, from the eclectic to the eccentric.

Pt. II: Alternative, Indie, Rock

I didn’t even know how to categorise this section. From classic rock to indie dance, we’ve kind of touched on a lot. Whatever these songs are classified as, they’re all perfectly applicable for the summer - whether it’s a lazy evening on the beach or a hungover morning in the garden.

This week marked the release of Beat Connection’s second album ‘The Palace Garden’. Tracks like ‘Sometimes Wonder’ and ‘Invisible Cities’ provide an ideal summertime soundtrack, along with their 2011 album ‘Surf Noir’ (great summer tracks include ‘Motorway’ and ‘Silver Screen’). Nothing suits the sunshine better than the atmospheric indie dance sound of Beat Connection.

It’s not particularly new, but it’s already a classic. Django Django’s 2012 album seems to be tailor-made for summer. This track has a sound reminiscent of soft rock from the seventies that just makes us want to grow our hair long, take off our shoes and go dancing in the streets. Don’t miss your chance to do so at this year’s Latitude and T in the Park festivals where Django Django will be playing. They’ll also be supporting Hot Chip in the UK this autumn.

A track to play during your lazy days on the beach, or to enhance the experience as you and your mates get insanely high (am I allowed to say that?) there’s nothing more perfect than relaxing to the melting voice and lazy guitars of this track by Montreal-bred musician Mac DeMarco. The release’s B side ‘Me & Mine’ is as much of a pleasure to listen to - a lopsided ballad with the same, beautifully dreamy quality as ‘Only You’.

Nicely edited by Chris Coco, I had to include this absolute stonker by none other than The Clash. This is to be played each time the sun breaks through the nasty old clouds, turned up as high as your ears will allow and shouted at the top of your lungs. A truly British song to rock the Casbah and celebrate the British summer.

If you can get past Alt-J‘s ridiculous name (it makes a little ∆ icon when typed on a Mac keyboard) you’ll appreciate that their album ‘An Awesome Wave’ blows everything else from its category out of the water, with other great summer songs including ‘Taro’ and ‘Tessellate’. This is by far one of my favourite releases of 2012. With such a strong debut album, Alt-J are a band that everybody needs to see live. A breathtaking album from an incredible new band. I guess we’ll let them off for the name.