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Day 3 @ Benicassim: Friday

  • By AndyVale
  • 14 July 2012

Good news! I'm alive. Wasn't sure I'd make it after yesterday's energy drink overload.

After eventually waking up this morning I decided that brunch by the beach would be a splendid idea. Now, continental beachs have a reputation that ours don't. As well as sun, they also tend to have far more ladies with far less clothing than ours.

This may be true most of the time, but today I just had some obese old Spanish woman wandering around topless with a Solar System of kids orbiting around her. I told my girlfriend that she should try pulling this stunt at our son's school in genteel Guildford. Correctly, she ignored this comment.

Having decided that I never want to see a naked woman ever again, I slowly made my way to the arena. The festival is heavily branded in places, with sponsored stalls all over the place. One particular brand of gum is handing out so many free samples that I've forgotten what my mouth is actually supposed to taste like. A major internet provider also has some sort of bar set up. But instead of beer they are giving out massages and letting people play with laptops. Okay.

I'm not really the biggest fan of this facet, but Pringles giving out free tubes was a very powerful reminder of how easy it can be to pushover even the toughest of cynics. When you got a free tube they gave you a token to get a Pringles hat. I don't want a Pringles hat, I want more Pringles. They also stuck 10 tubes together to make a limbo pole. Everybody likes to limbo, clever Pringles.

The first band I saw today was Arp Attack, who were opening the second stage. They had won a competition via Supajam to play the slot and all of the Supajam crew were on the barrier in anticipation. Unfortunately, with minutes to go before they arrived on stage it would appear that the Supajam crew were the only peope there to watch. Thankfully this soon changed, but it worried us for a minute. The band were great, they did us proud and even threw shirts out into the crowd. I have skilled limbs, so I caught one.

I was also told by one of my superiors that I HAD to see Zola Jesus tonight. Unfortunately, due to a mixup/mistake/change Zola Jesus played yesterday and I was presented with some obscure Spanish band called Chin Yi. I thought I'd give them a go, glad I did. Pretty odd and almost unlistenable in places, but it sure beats amputation.

Anyway, Chase and Status are on soon and I hear that they would be very keen to have me in attendance. See you tomorrow!

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