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12th May - The Rolling Stones, Kiss and U2

  • By Effy
  • 12 May 2011



 As you read this, 46 years ago today The Rolling Stones were recording '(I Can't Get No), Satisfaction', at RCA Hollywood studios. It gave the band their first number 1 single in the US and in the decades since its release, "Satisfaction" has repeatedly been acclaimed by the music industry. In 1976, Britain's 'New Musical Express' listed "Satisfaction" 7th among the top 100 singles of all time.

So how did it come to be?  . . . According to the band, a week earlier Keith Richards woke up in the middle of the night inspired with a guitar rift that he promptly recorded, along with the line “I can’t get no satisfaction”, on a dictaphone and then went back to sleep (leaving the Dictaphone recording). He would later describe the tape as: "two minutes of 'Satisfaction' and 40 minutes of me snoring. Jagger then wrote most of the lyrics after being confined to their Clearwater hotel rooms and not permitted to play. The song is not, as widely speculated, a statement about the rampant commercialism that the Rolling Stones had seen in America.



Born on this day in 1958 . . 

 Eric Singer, the current drummer for the hard rock band Kiss. Singer is a hard rock and heavy metal drummer who formerly played for the singer Alice Cooper. Over the past two decades Singer has appeared on over 75 albums and 11 EP's but in December 1991, Eric Singer officially became the drummer for Kiss after the death of Eric Carr and debuted on their album Revenge.

For all you budding drummers out there who might want to try and emulate his drumming skills (what?, you might!), he has his own Signature Series snare drum and artist series drumsticks, "Pearl Signature Series Eric Singer" snare drum and Zildjian "Eric Singer Artist Series" drumsticks! (Fancy!).




No. 1 in the charts -


U2, “With or Without You”