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The Royal's and The Brits

  • By CoCo
  • 12 April 2011

Ok Brits - I really need you to explain the Royal Family to me. 

The hysteria surrounding the Royal Wedding has permeated every nook and cranny of America, so I can't even begin to imagine the coverage over there.  I think that Kate Middleton is perfectly lovely - gorgeous girl, had a job up until last month, seems very independent.  And William, despite his increasing hair loss, seems like a good chap.  But seriously - what is it with you and the Royals?  You love them, you follow their every move, you obsess over them - what gives?

On the flipside - there is no one nastier than the British press when it comes to cattiness.  Remember when Kate's mom chewed gum during William's graduation a few years ago?    Holy shit - you would have thought she'd mooned the Queen.  I think that was the reason for their brief breakup - it followed Gum-gate, after everyone judged Kate's mother to be low classy.  Unsuitable!   You love to build them up, just to knock them back down.

Now that the nuptials are almost here, how is the Royal Family dealing with the fact that they have to merge with a commoner?  And more importantly, who will have to curtsey to whom?  Will Camilla have to bend a knee to Kate?  Technically speaking, Kate is a commoner, and royal born women outrank her, but when William is present, she outranks them, and they would then have to curtsey to her - and won't that cause a shitstorm behind closed doors?  Oh the egos!  The rules!  The drama!  

So my fair British friends, please enlighten me - why are you so obsessed?

Until next time,

Coco x

PS: Here's one for the Royal Wedding !


PPS: Would this ever happen?