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The Virginmarys

  • By MisterCharlie Author Avatar
  • 14 September 2012

We're totally sold on The Virginmarys. The trio have burst out of Macclesfield in a caffeine bomb of ultra heavy grunge riffs, classic British metal power, and the acerbic insight of punk. Singer and guitarist Ally, bass player Matt, and drummer Danny are the kind of tight knit unit that topple crap from the charts and make kids reach for guitars. They've grafted for the last few years, climbing from toilet venues to stadium support slots, and now, having been signed to new Cooking Records subsidery DoubleCross, they've got a debut single ready to blow and an album set to follow. Slash is a big fan, and give it a minute and you will be too. 


We caught up with them to find out just what time it is...

First a bit of background, how did you get together?

Me and Danny met at college in Northwich. We were drinkin in the Mill Stone in Macclesfied and met Matt. Then arranged to meet up for a jam the following week and instantly connected.

After playin pretty much everyday for a few months, doin local gigs and writing songs we went into Chappel Studios to record an Ep.

You've taken a different (possibly more traditional) route to a lot of current bands, in that you've built a fan base over time, rather than ridden a wave of quick hype- was this a conscious decision?

Yeah it was, we prefer to keep things real, we don't want to be a flash in the pan. We love getting out there and playin to as many people as we can. Its great connecting with fans and gettin to meet

loads of new people.

The band will always come across best live i think, we're always very conscious about trying to recreate that same energy in the studio.

There's been a lot of emphasis placed on your live show, what do you think has made it stand out?

We give it everything we've got live. It's really energetic and intense. There's a lot of nervous energy before we go on stage, it's like preparing yourself for a fight. We’re an honest rocknroll band with a lot of sincerity.

Along the way you've played with a bunch of great rock acts,(Eagels Of Death Metal, Slash etc) any particular amazing experiences? And have any of them lived up to their hell raising image? Could you keep up with as notorious a caner as Slash?

We can hold our own.

Playing with Slash was incredible. The fact that he's now a fan of our band seems surreal. But obviously amazing. We did a European tour with Skunk Anansie goin round all the arenas. That was really cool. Everyone that we have supported have been top people, we've been really lucky that way! As for what goes on backstage, that must stay backstage haha.

You've finished recording King of Conflict, your debut album, how do you feel about it? Happy? And what next?

Incredibly happy. We held back recording the album until we were 100% sure we had the right songs for it. You can never do another debut album so we wanted it to be as special as we could make it. Really looking forward to it bein realeased and gettin it out there to the masses.


Is there anyone you'd particularly love to work with now?

Would love to work with Bjork, Thom Yorke, Dave Grohl, Wayne Coyne to name but a few.

Any thoughts you'd like to share with us about the UK music scene at the moment? Where do you think you fit in?

Not into the scene at the moment. Were not looking to fit in with it or we wouldn't be happy doin what we are doin. I like to keep things as honest as i can and write what i write. Rather than trying to sound like whoever. There's not much stuff out there at the minute that i believe or can connect with. I think its hard for people to catagorise us as were not pinned down to one specific genre and to be fair we don't want to be. If that means flying our own flag then thats how it has to be.

And finally. The obligatory pointless question. Say you were crap superheroes. Would you rather have the power to detach your limbs, and use them as bludgeoning weapons, or the power to make all blue things temporarily invisible to the naked eye.

Haha. I think i'd take the 'making blue things invisible temporarily' and make sure i wasn't wearing blue clothes. It would make walking down the street a lot more interesting. Also i'd be interested to look beyond the sky. All in all sounds like a cool day to me!


Find out more on The Virginmarys at their website. King of Conflict will be available early 2013



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