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Top 5 Internet Songs

  • By AndyVale
  • 5 July 2012

The Internet song is a special thing. It would never get the slightest bit of exposure in a commercial market, no record company would ever think of releasing it pre-fame and yet they are often far more entertaining than more slick, professional offerings.

Where do you begin? There are so many good ones out there. Do you judge them by views, by humour, by quality, by originality... I didn't really use any science. Some are funny, some are moving and some just make you want everything to stop. No need to over-analyse though, it's just a good way to spend a few minutes on the internet.

No dubstep remixes, no auto-tuned videos and definitely no Rebecca Black. Get ready for some questionable content, coarse language and shameless bias.

Here's Supajam's barely official top 5 songs from the Internet:

5: A Lost People - Big Booty Bitches

Forgive them the profanity and degradation for a minute, there is something endearing about two young men dancing around and loudly shouting their appreciation for what Freddie Mercury would call "Fat Bottomed Girls." This song was featured in one of Ray William Johnson's videos, who notes the fact that one of the guys looks like he just came from church.

4: Doomsday Arcade - You're My Friend

This song was a surprise moment in the final episode of the award-winning cult web series Doomsday Arcade. The show was a nerd comedy based around a computer game apocalypse, so the obvious way to reunite the protagonists was a moving power ballad with guitar solos, and lyrics that are both awful and delightful at the same time.

"The condensation on my Dr.Pepper kinda looks like tears, the ones I shall cry for a thousand years."

It divided opinion upon release, with some people getting it and some horrified at these emotions they were suddenly feeling. But at it's core, it's a glorious soft rock tribute to buddiehood.

3: Samwell - What What (In The Butt)

Are you confident in your sexuality? You'd best be as a handsome man stares you in the eye and sings about nothing but man love for three minutes. There is no ambiguity. This song was later covered by Butters in South Park.

2: Axis Of Awesome - 4 Chords

A song that's fun to listen to but ultimately depressing to think about it. Oddly enough, the sketch starts with the guys talking about how they've never had a hit because they haven't wrote a "4 chord" song. This 4 chord song about those 4 chords ended up being the one that virally broke them into an international mainstream market. Hear as classics from rock, punk, soul, pop and more are put side by side and revealed to be far more similar than you may have realised.

1: Peter Mika - I Wish To Be The Fuhrer Of My Life

Poetry, art and philosophy are all altered at an atomic level once you have experienced this. Look into the blank eyes of Peter Mika as he slowly begins to bob in time with the euro-pop beat. Feel your beliefs torn asunder as he hypnotically soliloquises his ode to free living. It's every mid-life crisis summed up by a confused German. Feelings mean nothing after this.

After hearing that, now would be a great time to re-evaluate everything that you once held to be true.

Did we miss your favourite Internet song? Do you think all of our choices were awful? Let us know why your opinion is so much better in the comments box below.


Andy is a Supajam writer who has been a small-fry at numerous Commerical, BBC and Student radio stations over the last 6 years. He is also a music promoter in the South-East of the UK. He has a website where he interviews musicians with only one question, and he is currently typing in third-person. You can tweet abuse at him if you fancy letting off some steam.