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Top 5 Least Funny Popular Comedians

  • By Art. Author Avatar
  • 20 September 2013

This list is born from an angry, 6pm Friday place. A place where the cackles of Mock The Week send a shiver down my disgruntled spine. Some claims will be unsubstantiated, some will be apparent before you even scroll down.

If you agree, boycott them.

Jack Whitehall

You unfunny, David Brent-wannabe, red-cheeked tit wallace.

Catherine Tate

Go to hell, Catherine Tate. You ruined the post-Office revolution of British Comedy, spunking money on a show which smelt like a biscuit tin from 1990.

Andy Parsons

Everytime another unfunny, crude, pre-written word creeps from your Fabien Barthez mouth, I want to take the TV for a bath with me.

Peter Kay

Yeah, I loved Phoenix Nights too, and every year that goes by I consider Dave Spikey more responsible. Biscuits and trousers aren't funny, Peter.

Michael McIntyre

Michael McIntryre embodies absolutely everything I hate about everything.

Comedy is an art, Michael, you fat philistine.

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