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Top 5 things that make you run away from a conversation about music

  • By Art. Author Avatar
  • 29 May 2013

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You know the feeling; you're at that bar, it no longer smells too bad and you're a servant to the two-pint high. Then, that guy whose breath you vaguely remember from a thousand dank mornings slicks back his hair and strolls over in his Def Leppard t-shirt to start prying... 

You're cornered.

Here are the top 5 things that make you want to do this:

Here we go:

You: “What kind of stuff do you like?”

Oh yeah, what’s your favourite post-coital Japanese lounge band? Nobody is into everything, in fact, most people only like a few things. Get out of there.

“I used to be REALLY into to music when I was younger, then...”

This is often followed by something like ‘I dunno, I just haven’t got the time anymore'.

I often find that it's the adopted mantra of the early-nineties hippy regeneration. The same load who listened to this:

I think that might be the worst song ever.

“You’re either a Beatles or a Stones fan.”

The next time some guy in his dad’s leather jacket pops this one, take a hike, and shout 'you aren't your dad, daddio' as you scurry outta the door’.

“Yeah but that’s not going to get you on the dance floor”

I’m seeing bingo wings and polo shirts stretched over bellies.

“They’re so pretentious” Or “that’s slit your wrists music”

This is the default reaction to anything slightly challenging.

Pretentious… That word… It makes me want to eat my own face. I think if you type it in Google translate it recognises it as “something I don’t understand” in the language ‘Idiotese’.